Ben Weiss
Ben Weiss, born Benjamin Ryan Weiss ,is an aspiring actor and filmmaker who is currently a producer for The Mane in Broadcast and Journalism. Even before Ben understood how filmmaking worked, he was always fascinated with the technicals of movies, often watching the behind the scenes documentaries more than the actual movie. When he was eight years old, Ben was inspired by the Internet personalities that consistently produced film quality content. Seeing potential in the YouTube landscape, he decided to make take on filmmaking as a full time career, starting out by making poor quality YouTube videos for quite some time. In his sophomore year on August 2016, Ben took the class Media and Communications 1, and learned the deeper technical skill required for filmmaking. As the class continued, his camera skill became one of his strongest suits, showcasing a large understanding of depth and symmetry. Even before Ben started taking Broadcast, his cinematography was featured on the April 2017 Mane and a separate Speech Team video. Outside of The Mane, he also works as a writer for Metea Media under the Newspaper Journalism class and has involvement in Metea’s theatre department as a techie and occasionally an actor. He has a heavy interest in surrealist and darkly comedic art and film and has a notable musical theatre addiction. Ben even enjoys the occasional dank meme every once in awhile.

Ben Weiss, Mane Producer

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