2017-2018 Staff

Zainie Qureshi

Metea Media Editor-in-Chief

This is Zainie's third year on staff and she is Metea Media's current Editor-in-Chief. Frankly, she loves too many things and is unable to list them all. Find her in the music hall, the news room, and tripping over her shoelace...

Nate Burleyson

Web Manager and Perspectives Reporter

Nate is a first year staff member for the Stampede. He has a passion for watching sports as well as arguing about them. You can catch him at your local basketball court bricking threes or on twitter (@nrburleyson) retweeting vine...

Chesney Wargo

Co-Social Media Editor and Headlines Editor

Chesney is a senior who is excited to be in her second year of Newspaper as a news and social media editor. She enjoys playing soccer here at Metea. Chesney is also looking forward the coming years as she is attending Central Mic...

Liam Sweeney

Perspectives Editor

Liam Sweeney is a senior at Metea Valley and the Perspectives Editor for the school magazine. He is a political independent, as he refuses to align with any of the mainstream political parties. Music dominates Liam’s life as he is a lover of all rock m...

Connor Smith

Spotlight Editor

Connor Smith is a senior and the Stampede's spotlight editor. He is thrilled to return for his second year on staff, as he previously served as sports editor during the 2016-17 school year. Aside from the Stampede, Connor also...

Kellie Foy

Sports Editor

Kellie Foy is a junior and the Sports Editor on The Stampede. This is her second year on staff and participates in BG Stampede. Outside of the sports world, you'll find Kellie working church retreats, sassing everyone, and constantly...

Zyma Lakhani

Profiles Editor and News Reporter

Zyma is a senior at Metea Valley High School and is a creative, thoughtful writer who enjoys a good nap or two here and there. She is a profiles editor and a news writer, and it is her second year on staff. Besides napping and...

Alex Pressl

Graphic Designer

Alex Pressl is a graphic designer for Metea Media and The Stampede. He will be majoring in Illustration at Columbia College Chicago. He enjoys playing video games and watching The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is doing his best...

Isabella Gonzales

Graphic Designer

Isabella Gonzales is a senior and a new graphic designer. This is her first year on staff and she is also on Metea’s varsity badminton team and National Art Honor Society. She enjoys photography, hiking, and doing the New York ...

Trinity Powell

Graphic Designer

My name's Trinity Powell, I'm an art-loving graphic design artist and this will be my second year on staff. I love music, skateboarding, and just chillin out :)

Kennedy Homan

Graphic Designer

I am currently a junior entering my first year of journalism as a graphic designer. Outside of school I attend Gamers Club and Improv on the weekly basis, and when I am not attending a club, I develop my drawing skills while selling...

Delaney Reed


Delaney Reed is a senior at Metea. This is her first year as a photographer for News Journalism and she is also a member of the MV Speech team. She hopes to one day photograph live performances of her favorite bands.

Aimee Leal


Aimee Leal is a junior who is a first year photojournalist for Metea Media and a newbie on the Metea Cheer Team. She loves good dad jokes and pretty much laughs at anything.

Thuy-An Nguyen

Headlines Reporter

Thuy-An Nguyen is a senior and a headlines writer. This is her first year on the staff and when she's not drawing or painting on anything she can find, you can find her taking photos, reading three books, and trying to achieve...

Avani Shah

Headlines Reporter

Avani Shah is a headlines writer and a junior. This is her first year on staff. She is a martial artist and an active Twitter user. She can often be found petting every dog on her street, or @avaniishah on Twitter.

Claudia Grzyb

Headlines Reporter

Claudia Grzyb is a junior at Metea Valley and is currently in her first year of being on staff. Claudia has been on the Metea Valley Speech team, and enjoys spending her down time with her three loving cats or eating out.

Laurel Westphal

Headlines Reporter

Laurel Westphal is a junior at Metea and a headlines writer for the newspaper staff. She is a member of the speech team, but spends most of her time listening to music or going down rabbit holes on Youtube. This is her first ye...

Brandon Yechout

Perspectives Reporter

Brandon Yechout is a senior at Metea Valley and a perspectives writer for Metea Media. Though this is his first year on staff, Brandon has worked on The Mane in previous years. Brandon enjoys watching a variety of films, mostly...

Ryah Walker

Perspectives Reporter

Ryah Walker is a junior perspectives journalist. This is her first year on staff and she is involved with BG stampede and Metea Valley's theater program. She travels often which allows for some cool experiences and amazing stories.

Ben Weiss

Perspectives Reporter

Ben Weiss is a junior perspectives writer for Metea Media. It will be his first year writing on staff. He's also involved with The Mane, Bass Chorus, and Metea's theater program. Ben's quite the workaholic. His poor social skills...

Abbey Malbon

Spotlight Reporter

Abbey Malbon is in 11th grade and is a spotlight writer. She is involved with Literary Magazine, Best Buddies and Fresh Connect. She spends her free time watching That 70's show reruns and writing emo poems.

Juthi Saha

Spotlight Reporter

Juthi Saha is a junior at Metea Valley and her first year as a Spotlight Writer for Metea Media. Some clubs she's apart of are Literature Magazine, Indian Student Alliance, and BPA. In her free time she loves to dance for her...

Myra Bajwa

Sports Reporter

Myra Bajwa is a sophomore and a sports writer for Metea Media. This is her first year on the staff. Myra is also the sophomore class representative for Student Government and runs track in the spring. In her free time, Myra loves...

Tyler Burleyson

Sports Reporter

Tyler Burleyson is a senior and a new sports writer for MeteaMedia. His passions include classical music, jazz music, hip hop music, instrumental music, and talking about himself. If you want to talk about Tyler, find him on Twitter...

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