Link’s Awakening: A modern version of a classic game

As someone who grew up playing video games with my mother, I’ve always had an affinity for the fantasy genre. My love for the Zelda games started when I got Wind Waker on the Wii U. I played through the entire game, roughly 3 times before moving on to Twilight Princess, whose character design scarred me forever. I did not play Link’s Awakening DX (GBC version) until last year, and the game was so simple but charming. The Nintendo Switch remake was released on Friday, Sep.20. 

Over the past four days, I’ve played through the entire game, which was probably a big waste of time. Though cute and nostalgic, it seriously lacks in many areas. Its newly enhanced beauty is clouded by its lackluster plot and dialogue. 

When I started up Link’s Awakening, it was nine p.m. on Friday and I was legitimately excited to play. But as soon as the beautiful animation opening stopped, I felt lost. All the dialogue blurbs were so short and meaningless. Perhaps this was in reference to the original so I ignored it. As I moved on and left the house Link awoke in, I found the map small and dull. All the side quests were the same as the original too. It all seems acceptable, however, because it is a remake. The slight blur on all edges of the screen compared to the crisp graphics are really pleasing, not to mention the vibrant colors. The art style is cute and playful, with cartoon elements in each detail. Speaking of which, the attention to detail was incredible. This is to be expected of Nintendo of course.

I thought everything was going great, especially the first dungeon ‘Tail Cave’. The caves are filled with puzzles and chests and secret items to find. This is all really fun but runs fairly short as it took me around 15 minutes to complete. Immediately after I felt lost again, with such a sense of direction or clues. The mysterious guide in the game is referred to as ‘Owl’. And yes, he’s just a big owl who talks in riddles. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the lack of direction to be confusing. All this talk of “THE WIND FISH IS WAITING FOR YOU!” is pretty undermined by the relaxed pace. I think this game is 

The characters can be fun regardless of how the game plays. Crazy Tracy, Richard, and Chef Bear are a few of my favorites due to the sheer freedom this new art style gave. And yes, you do get an Ocarina (But it comes mid-way through the game). The only character that legitimately confuses me is Marin. Is she like a reincarnation of Zelda? Why does she look like Zelda? Why are there literal pieces of power, a part of Ganondorf’s triforce, just scattered within enemies? A lot is missing story-wise, but regardless it’s a fun play.

I think it is safe to say that this game was intended for those who are just beginning their journey into simple RPGs, and those who experience nostalgia from the Zelda series. As a new player of Link’s Awakening, I’m not sure if I fully match those standards. I will continue to await a game that can top Breath Of The Wild in my standards, and remember. Old Man Ulrira is really shy, so please, just call him outside.