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‘Mr. Loverman’ by Ricky Montgomery

Ricky Montgomery is able to make a gut-wrenching song irresistible, even if it is only going to make you feel worse. The periodic repetition in the background vocals along with the instrumentals is utterly beautiful. There is not one part of the song that makes it what it is, it is all of it. Every strum of the guitar and each way Montgomery delivers his lyrics makes this song wonderful. The meaning of “Mr. Loverman” truly lies within the listener as Montgomery has openly said that his song can be interpreted in any way the listener sees fit and he did not write it to have one true meaning. However, the most prominent topics range from heartbreak, the effect parental issues can have on you, reducing your worth to the relationships surrounding you, and an array of other things. One of the most outstanding parts of Montgomery’s artistry is the fact that he acknowledges his supporters and encourages them to experience his words in whatever way they are most connected to them. This song, along with all of Montgomery’s other songs, are one of a kind and deserve every bit of praise they receive.

Ricky Montgomery

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