2016-2017 Staff

Maddie Crabtree

Maddie Crabtree is a Senior and the Editor-in-Chief of Metea Media. She has been on staff for three years and has a huge passion for all things journalism. She placed first in Illinois and third in the nation for review writin...

Kellie Foy

Kellie is a senior entering her third year of the Stampede. She is the Magazine Editor-in-Chief and has been a sports writer for the past two years. She also participates in National English Honor Society and Aspiring Authors an...

Chesney Wargo

Chesney is a senior who is excited to be in her second year of Newspaper as a news and social media editor. She enjoys playing soccer here at Metea. Chesney is also looking forward the coming years as she is attending Central Mic...

Trinity Powell

My name's Trinity Powell, I'm an art-loving graphic design artist and this will be my second year on staff. I love music, skateboarding, and just chillin out :)

Hailey Hagemaster

Hailey Hagemaster has been on staff for three years and is current EIC of the newsmag. She plays volleyball, loves country music, and goes crazy without her coffee fix.

Maddie Crabtree

Maddie Crabtree is a Junior entering her second year on staff for Metea Media. She is a Co-Social Media Editor, Public Affairs Manager, Photographer, and sometimes even a Writer. Outside of Metea Media, Maddie is a Cheerleader...

Liam Sweeney

Liam Sweeney is a senior at Metea Valley and the Perspectives Editor for the school magazine. He is a political independent, as he refuses to align with any of the mainstream political parties. Music dominates Liam’s life as he is a lover of all rock m...

Kellie Foy

Kellie Foy is a junior and the Sports Editor on The Stampede. This is her second year on staff and participates in BG Stampede. Outside of the sports world, you'll find Kellie working church retreats, sassing everyone, and constantly...

Zainie Qureshi

This is Zainie's third year on staff and she is Metea Media's current Editor-in-Chief. Frankly, she loves too many things and is unable to list them all. Find her in the music hall, the news room, and tripping over her shoelace...

Brianna Powell

Brianna is the Editor-in-Chief of The Stampede.

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