2018-2019 Staff

Maddie Crabtree

Metea Media Editor-in-Chief

Maddie Crabtree is a Senior and the Editor-in-Chief of Metea Media. She has been on staff for three years and has a huge passion for all things journalism. She placed first in Illinois and third in the nation for review writin...

Kellie Foy

Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Kellie is a senior entering her third year of the Stampede. She is the Magazine Editor-in-Chief and has been a sports writer for the past two years. She also participates in National English Honor Society and Aspiring Authors an...

Nate Burleyson

Sports Editor

Nate Burleyson is the Sports Editor and the local blog boy of He is commonly found writing, watching movies, or napping. You can follow him on twitter @NBurleyson for tweets about his awkward interactions, movie...

Ben Weiss

Perspectives Editor

Ben Weiss is a senior perspectives editor and writer. It will be his second and last year on The Stampede. Other activities he’s involved in include the Speech Team, Theatre, The Mane and Varsity Singers. He hopes to major in...

Juthi Saha

Profiles Editor

Juthi is currently a senior and is entering her second year of newspaper as The Stampede’s profiles editor. She loves to sing, travel the world, and play with makeup.

Avani Shah

Headlines Editor

Avani Shah is a senior and Headlines Editor for Metea Media. This is her second year on staff. Avani is a black belt in Tang Soo Do. She can often be found reading, tweeting, or binge watching Jeopardy! Find her on Twitter @avaniishah...

Aimee Leal

Photography Editor

Aimee is a senior and Varsity cheerleader at Metea Valley. This is her second year on staff and she is photography editor this year. She enjoys really cheesy jokes and will laugh at nearly everything and anything while also procrastinating...

Kennedy Homan

Graphics Editor

Kennedy Homan is a person of many different problems. She likes ducks too much, she throws stuffed animals at people in school, and she has no social life due to drawing too much. Her haircut might as well be copyrighted due to i...

Alexandra Guckel

Headlines Reporter

Alexandra Guckel is a sophomore and is a headlines writer for newspaper. If she’s not doing ballet or piano after school, she is usually watching The Office and Friends, laughing at something she thought was funny, or hangi...

Lauren Coates

Headlines Reporter

Lauren Coates is a senior and a first year headlines reporter for Metea Media. She loves all things pop culture, including music, TV, movies, and celebrity drama. She’s a member of Youth and Government and English Honor Society, and ...

Leland Pan

Sports Reporter

Leland is a sophomore, and this is her first year on staff as one of the Sports Reporters for Metea. Some activities that she participates in are DMMV and playing on Metea girls golf team in the fall. Leland also loves banana ...

Brandt Ward

Perspectives Reporter

Brandt Ward is a Junior. He is a perspectives writer who recently just joined newspaper. He looks forward to contributing his creative writing and analysis skills.

Noelle Pryor


Noelle Pryor is a junior, this is her first year on the news journalism staff. She enjoys movies, books, music, and other sorts of media. If you’re looking for her, she’s more than likely whining about The Great Gatsby or ruini...

Riley Burgoon


Riley Burgoon is a senior entering her first year on staff as a photographer. Outside newspaper, she is also a part of Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and Peer Partners. You can probably find her out on a bike ride or binge wat...

Brittany Evans

Profiles Reporter & Photography

Brittany said HEY GIRLIES! She’s excited to be a part of profiles and photography. She’s currently a junior and a former bowler. She works but doesn’t like it, she’s about that money though. BYE GIRLIES.

James Turnbull

Headines Reporter

James Turnbull, when not procrastinating, can often be found in the music wing and percussion room. He is a drum major of the marching band, a percussionist in wind ensemble, and an avid member of MV’s Youth and Government ...

Marco Rivero

Spotlight Reporter

Marco Rivero is a junior and spotlight writer for Metea Media. You can catch him obsessing over Smash Bros. and wallowing in the internet. His workaholism and ambition is only diminished by his lack of sleep from surfing Redd...

Esha Mandadi

Spotlight Reporter

Esha Mandadi is a senior and first-year spotlight reporter. She’s also a member of the speech team, and participates in BPA. Outside of school, she enjoys watching A24 films and reading memoirs. You can probably find her writi...

Esther Whang

Graphics Designer

Esther is a senior and this is her first year doing graphic for news paper. She is also part of the swim and water polo team. On her free time, Esther enjoys spending time with friends and family. Her favorite activity is walkin...

Todd Redman


Todd Redman is a sophomore who is involved in extracurricular activities such as marching band.  He plans to shortly join Improv Club, Literary Magazine, and Pep band. His interests involve English/Literature/Journalism, Improv and thinking up random i...

Madison McCalley

Sports Reporter & Photographer

Madison is a junior and this is her first year on the Journalism staff. She is a sports reporter and photographer. If she isn’t busy taking photos or writing stories and sports updates, she is spending time with her friends ...

Claudia Grzyb

Spotlight Writer

Claudia Grzyb is a senior at Metea Valley and is currently in her second year of being on staff. Claudia has been on the Metea Valley Speech team, and enjoys spending her down time with her three loving cats.

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