Our environment makes us more polarized

The human mind. One of the most complex neurological mechanisms in existence. It is responsible for our thought and reason and can shape the way we view the world. However, it can be warped and shaped into something new. The environment we live in can cause us to view the world very differently.

This is especially apparent in our current political climate, where those who identify as Republican and Democratic have become far more divided. Many do not understand why one would believe in something that they do not agree with, and it has shown how extreme our politics have become and how far we have gotten from unity.

So in order to further pinpoint the divide in our nation and how our views are shaped, The Stampede selected four teens with differing political views and got their perspective on their ideologies.

In the end, despite the differences that we have and the many backgrounds we live in, that does not mean we should not take the opportunity to educate and learn about others. America is a country that is meant to be unified and despite the different parties and beliefs we have, there is no excuse to be so divided.

These four individuals are all people with different backgrounds and different beliefs, but they all go to the same school and are all just as important as everybody else. Losing respect for somebody because of their beliefs is something that should not be acceptable in our society as it only leads to us being a more divided nation. It does not matter what party you follow or where they come from.

Our differences should be embraced, and we should learn to accept others beyond a label. Make America the free nation it is supposed to be. Otherwise, we may go down the path of our ancestors and crumble under the dust of our bigotry and anger.

Sebastian Segarra
Greta Leliugaite
Danny Anderson
Tami Gordan

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