Cory Booker at a campaign event, Edward Kimmel; Ohio Diary 4 0216; Flickr; 3 Nov. 2016; Web; 11 March 2019.

Edward Kimmel (Creative Commons)

Cory Booker at a campaign event, Edward Kimmel; Ohio Diary 4 0216; Flickr; 3 Nov. 2016; Web; 11 March 2019.

Cory Booker

Cory Booker is definitely a cookie cutter Democrat, supporting higher taxes and spending to fix the economy. One of the only proposals for his presidency that Cory Booker has talked about is the creation of baby bonds. This plan would give every child born in the US a savings account which would collectively add one to two thousand dollars annually depending on the wealth of the child’s family. The savings account would remain closed until the child’s 18th birthday and may only be used for education or medical reasons. His speeches are ridden with platitudes and aside from baby bonds has almost no other policies he’s planning to enact during his potential presidency. In other words, Cory Booker is a classic platitude driven democrat that doesn’t match the political climate of this country. He’s unpopular among voters in his own state and despite mainstream media, backing fails to drive the American people to him compared to opponents like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. If he plans to beat not only his opposing democrats but the incumbent president, he needs to adopt a platform to face Donald Trump.

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