Elizabeth Warren, Edward Kimmel; 20120421_1365 EW; Flickr; 21 Apr. 2012; 11 March 2019.

Edward Kimmel (Creative Commons)

Elizabeth Warren, Edward Kimmel; 20120421_1365 EW; Flickr; 21 Apr. 2012; 11 March 2019.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is a progressive who represents her changing party much better than some of her opponents. She’s made a name for herself championing progressive ideas similar to Bernie Sanders while avoiding the socialist label associated with Bernie. The senator has one big problem though, she avoids issues and backtracks like there’s no tomorrow. Her stance on campaign donations was quickly redacted after she backtracked on not accepting large donor donations by stating that might change during the proper presidential election. She’s done this with even things like healthcare refusing to fully say she supported single-payer universal healthcare despite supporting it in past interviews. This kind of behavior is only made worse by her inability to connect with regular Americans. Unlike other candidates, Warren fails to be able to connect and even hurts her image trying to do so. Her attempt to beat Trump in an argument backfired horribly when her heritage was called into question and the Cherokee nation condemned her actions. It’s actions like these which have made many distrust Warren and instead join Bernie Sanders’ camp of progressive voters. While Warren does mean well her progressive candidacy has been overshadowed and is quickly losing traction.

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