Joe Biden, Marc Nozell; Joe Biden; Flickr; 22 Sep. 2012; 11 March 2019.

Marc Nozell (Creative Commons)

Joe Biden, Marc Nozell; Joe Biden; Flickr; 22 Sep. 2012; 11 March 2019.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been a favorite to win since 2016. Many people see him as the charismatic cool old man who’s best friends with Obama. Most polls have Biden about 4-6 percentage points above Bernie putting him as the Democratic frontrunner if he decides to join. The thing about Joe Biden though is that he represents a different era in democratic politics. He comes from the Bill Clinton styled “New Democrat” era of centrist Democrats whose policies are more conservative than the progressives of the 40s and 50s. Biden himself has said that he’d lead an anti-populist campaign ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign attempted the same thing and lost to Donald Trump, a conservative who went further left than some of Hillary’s positions. Many people bank on Biden because of his time as vice president for the fairly popular Barack Obama, but as soon as the first debates happen I predict he’ll lose traction and be replaced by the establishment pick, Kamala Harris, as the more centrist candidate. The former vice president is neck and neck with the progressive candidate, Bernie Sanders, in most polls and while he is certainly more charismatic than Hillary Clinton lacks the record and policies to push through compared to the populist firestorm of the Sanders campaign. People have grown tired of platitude driven democrats who offer zero change, Biden’s lack of even accepting the changing political landscape leads me to believe that he will quickly lose his spark once the voters get to know him.

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