Blue Tongue Entertainment, Blitworks, Universomo, Helixe. Screenshot by Kennedy Homan

De Blob

I have a love-hate relationship with De Blob. I love how artsy the game is, and how the usage of color and music is implemented in the gameplay. I love the character designs and the cute simple plot. I love about everything within this game, but the timed levels. The world of De Blob is beautiful and fun to bring back to life, so when there is a timer that puts a limit of how long one can be in a level, it takes away from my enjoyment. As a child who didn’t understand timers, I never got past the third level as I loved exploring more than progressing. I still have that problem now as I wish to paint the city back to life without having to do it so fast I don’t get to take in my surroundings. Then there is the part of me that hates not completely painting a whole city. Even though I could finish a level with the amount I painted, I will run out of time looking for that one last street lamp I could throw my buddy boy, Blob onto. If there wasn’t the timer, this game would be perfect.

Rating: 8/10

Hours Played: 5

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