Katrina Viloria

Paul Holba, Technology and Engineering Teacher

How have you seen technology evolved at Metea, especially with this e-learning program?

“Back in the day they had this was called a flipped classroom where you would watch out of school, and then you would bring that information in the lecture, but I see the e-learning as an extension of that. So what you would normally do outside of school, and you can do it as an e-learning day.”

Is e-learning beneficial or harmful?

“Well, with any program, you’re going to have positives and negatives. But, at first, I think it’s nice that you maintain the calendar we can plan. Yeah, it is held that this will be the calendar, and it will change. And on the second part, I feel students now, they get to know the teacher they see the classroom. They know the flow that’s going on and having a day that the teachers not there, but the same material is there. I think it just continues today. I think it’s beneficial for everybody as long as it’s not too many snow days.

What adversities do you think you’ll face?

“The only thing is still a mindset, snow day off of school. I think it takes a little compassion and compromise between the teachers and students to work it out. So, maybe out of generosity you go through and then perhaps extend the deadline for a day in case somebody woke up late. On a snow day, parents still have to go to work. You know, you may have a responsibility to take care of a younger brother or sister and be able to get into the assignments their, families first.


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