Katrina Viloria

Niyah Robinson, Sophomore

Would you rather stay in school until late May or early June?

“Late May. I definitely wouldn’t want to put more days than we have to on the calendar, especially since people value their summer vacation. And I know for me, my birthday is in the summer, so I want to have that time to be able to do whatever I want instead of still be in school.”

How do you feel about learning the courses at home since there is not going to be a teacher present there?

“I feel like it would be easier to learn new material in school, but if it came down to it and you had to learn a new lesson at home, I think there are ways they could make it easier to break it down, such as sending a video of somebody talking, whether it’s your teacher or something they found online. In my opinion, I would like to learn new lessons face to face just because it makes communication better.”

What are you most worried about?

“Probably submitting things on time. I would understand if it was a Google Classroom assignment that you had to do, and you just turned it in whatever. But also I feel like some students, they’ll take e-learning days as just a regular snow day so that they won’t participate, and they’ll think, Oh, it’s just an e-learning day, so I’m not going to do any of the work, why would I want to do.”

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