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Noelle Pryor

The past ten years have introduced a wide variety of unique and clever cartoons. While cartoons were once thought of as shows for children, they have become a complex genre that most people can resonate with. The 2010s has produced a great variety of shows that range from goofy and childish to thought-provoking and complicated. 

With all the great shows that have come out in the recent decade, a few rises above the rest. These shows not only maintain wit, but they portray sophisticated messages that make them enjoyable for a wide range of viewers. This list portrays some of the most notable cartoons that have come out in the past ten years. Also, for the sake of simplicity, these shows were all released from 2010 and beyond. 


Adventure Time
Regular Show
Bob’s Burgers
Legend of Korra
Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
Rick and Morty
Star vs. the Forces of Evil
We Bare Bears

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