Amber Corkey

Junior Sean Lu

What ensemble were you in?

Honors Orchestra on string bass.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Hanging out in the hotel.

Did you meet a lot of new people?

Yeah, a few, but I feel like we could have met more. There were some cool bass players.

What was the audition process like?

We did not know what excerpts they were going to choose until that morning, but we went to the rooms to see what was posted on the doors. We prepared and warmed up a little bit. It was pretty fast. The day after we got there, we had auditions.

Did you expect to make it all the way to All-State?

When I auditioned for ILMEA District, I did not feel like I played that well, but I guess I did. They chose for the district band for third and fourth basses. After that, it was a pleasant surprise getting into All-State.

What advice do you have for people auditioning next year?

Practice a lot. Before your audition, make sure you warm-up and breathe. 

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