Jada Jones

Junior Darin Jackson

Do you like Valentine’s day?

“It is not my favorite holiday but I do like it because I feel like it is a time for love. Most times I feel like  we are really focused on relationships in society and then we don’t really share the true love to one another and we kind of forget the true meaning of the holiday.”

Are you in a relationship and if so how is the day important to you and your significant other?

“It is complicated, but it’s important to us because we plan on just confessing our love for one another. It’s really about just committing and confessing why we feel the way we do so, we can keep the bond we had when we first met.”

What are your plans for Valentine’s day?

“So, I was going to go ahead and get him a new jersey, with our picture on it, and a pair of Air Force Ones and a candy basket.”

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