Women’s Month celebrates the accomplishments of women for decades

Mishal Nizar
Women demonstrate empowerment throughout history, and celebrate that during Women’s Month.

Women have made significant strides in the past century, yet it was not until 1981 when March became a national celebration for women. It began as Women’s History Week and it was not until 1995 that it became an official month long celebration. This month is meant to be a reflection of the accomplishments and achievements women have made in the past and will continue to make moving forwards. Recently, organizations like the National Women’s History Project have been working to focus their programs and work. People should use the next month as a way to understand more about the history of America and to motivate women to continue to make contributions moving forwards.

Natalie Johnson, teacher

Q: What is your motivation to be the women you are today? A: I believe that the history of my community was one that was a rich history, one that showed that we had a lot of strong women and men. That kind of were unapologetically leaders, workers. People of integrity, and that kind of was my motivation. Q: How do you hope to inspire the women around you? A.I hope by leading by example that th...

Jenny Oas, teacher

Q: What is your motivation to be the women you are today? A: My family and my children are my students. Q: How do you hope to inspire the women around you? A: By being a positive role model, always acting with integrity and doing the right thing even when no one's looking Q: As a strong woman what do you value most? A: Trust Q: You are obviously a phenomenal women yourself and consideri...

Ashley Abruscato, teacher

Q: What is your motivation to be the woman you are today? A: I feel like my parents like had very high standards for me So, whether it was through academics or sports or activities like they always set very high expectations for me. And I think that that was like that was really helpful because I feel like as I've developed now and grown up and become like a wife and a mother. I still hold myself to...

Vesaal Khan, student

Q: What is the importance of women's history?  A: I think women's history is important because it shows how far women have come from the past where there were a lot of gender based stereotypes, and it shows that despite stereotypes women are very strong independent people.  Q: Have you ever faced any setbacks for being a woman?   A: Only when playing rugby for my club which is a “male...

Ashley Xie, student

Q: In your opinion what is the importance of women's history?  A: The importance of women’s history is to show how much women had to go through but more importantly I believe that women’s history shows how much we take for granted. Q:Have you ever faced any setbacks for being a female?  A: The struggles I faced as a female is probably more biologically related. As a female wrestler, I’m not as strong...

Sofia Lopez, student

Q:In your opinion, what is the importance of women's history? A: Women’s history is super important because it helps people understand how far women have come since their oppression.  Q: Have you ever faced any setbacks for being a female?  A: Personally I have not faced any in this society today because people have grown out of their basic stereotypes of women such as running companie...

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