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Only a Matter of Time by Joshua Bassett

The first word I said the first time I heard this: wow. Joshua Bassett really did it again and I am here for it. Lyrically and musically, “Only a Matter of Time” is superior because of the amazing piano melody and his vocals. In this song, Bassett’s vocal range is astonishing because he goes from high octaves to low in a matter of a couple of seconds. In terms of the meaning, the song touches on the topic of lying and basically how it is not good. When Bassett released this song, he posted via Instagram, “There’s good that comes from social media, but it’s also become a place where people can say anything about anyone, no matter how false or damaging with no accountability. We’ve gotta be much kinder to each other and recognize there are real people behind the screens!” which he could not have said any better.

Joshua Bassett

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