Ice Cream Sundae by Inhaler

Visual courtesy via Universal Music Group

Ice Cream Sundae by Inhaler

Inhaler, an indie rock band from Dublin, has so many songs that should genuinely be hits. In the song “Ice Cream Sundae,” the band managed to bring together a perfect mix of classic rock instruments with an intermingling of new-age rock vocals, all while providing a positive message. 

The opening guitar and drum mix already gets you pumped, especially when you have had a tough day and just need to take it “easy as an ice cream sundae.” It’s a chill hit that you can play whenever you need a reminder that even though things are hard sometimes, you need to take a few moments to yourself to revive yourself so you don’t overdo it. I feel like a lot of Inhaler’s songs have such amazing messages, and their lyrics are just so eloquently written and still catchy, but in a way that keeps you intrigued and wanting for more.


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