The achievements of the Voyager

May 7, 2021

Pravalika Balajivaishnavi

With the Voyager passing way beyond its main mission, the twin spacecraft, Voyager I and II were able to provide important information to scientists about our universe. Among all of its successes, there were three important achievements of the Voyager.

The first major achievement is that the Voyager is the first man-made object that has flown past our solar system. Even to this day, there is no spacecraft or probe that has traveled the distance the Voyager has. It is still traveling through space even to this day, meaning it has been traveling for the universe for over 40 years. The engineering of these space probes was very advanced for the time period it was created in. The scientists achieved their initial goal of studying our solar system, and the Voyager performed beyond its expectations.

The second major achievement is that the Voyager created the Solar System Portrait. The portrait contains all the pictures of the planets and the sun in our solar system. No other probe has taken pictures of our whole solar system, which makes the Voyager the first space probe to accomplish an important task. The Solar System Portrait is a gallery of pictures that present Earth’s family such as Earth’s sister planets and the Sun. The Voyager’s travel allowed this picture to be recorded as one of mankind’s major achievements.

The third major achievement is that the Voyager gathered new information and confirmed the hypotheses of scientists. For example, the Voyager found that lightning is present on Jupiter. Before this discovery, there were no records of lightning on other planets, so the Voyager’s flyby of Jupiter helped scientists understand more about the environment of Jupiter. The Voyager also helped confirm other theories, such as Saturn’s moons needing to be close to its rings so that the rings would stay in line. With all the data that the Voyager collected, it will serve as guidance to future space probe projects. Aerospace engineers can improve space probes to fly farther than the Voyager and get more information about the universe.

The Voyager aided in learning more about our universe, and its creation and achievement is a reminder that humankind is capable of creating incredible technology.

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