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‘Fool For You’ by Snoh Aalegra

Visual courtesy via Atrium Records

‘Fool For You’ by Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra’s 2017 album “FEELS,” proved that soulful R&B is still alive and popular on the music scene. When listening to “Fool For You,” you can hear the influences of R&B legends like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Huston, and Amy Whinehouse having a subtle impact on the way Snoh projects her voice throughout the song. R&B lives off of the ability to project the emotion of a story through the voice and lyrics. The story told in this song is about a person who loves someone with everything in them, but is also afraid of getting hurt because they “know just how the story ends.” It is almost as if she knows she is setting herself up for heartbreak, but being in love is just so beautiful so she chooses to ignore the ending that is indeed inevitable.


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