‘Shes really all I need’ by Mac Demarco

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‘She’s really all I need’ by Mac Demarco

With the cold months upon us and more days spent inside looking out at the gloomy sky, Mac Demarco’s music has been on rotation for me. But more so specifically his song “She’s really all I need.” This song is a beautiful portrayal of a love story and wanting a perfect life with this one person. In the song, Demarco says “Up out of bed at three, and I feel like I am dying, but if she’s there then theres no use in crying” in which he is saying if he wakes up next to this girl then his life will be whole again and there is no need to be sad anymore. With this song’s phenomenal chorus and guitar solo, it is the perfect song to describe having deep feelings for someone you can not have and even better for those gloomy days spent alone in your room. 

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