Congratulations by Mac Miller (Feat. Bilal)

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‘Congratulations’ by Mac Miller (Feat. Bilal)

This love song by Mac Miller is a beautiful representation of a man’s true divine love for a woman. Miller talks about a female who many speculate was Ariana Grande and their journey together from being starving artists to living together and experiencing life with one another. Miller is so in love with this one woman that he is willing to wait for her and to spend the rest of their lives together saying “Take your time my baby, ‘cause I’m waitin’ for you, for you.” Describing a woman as “divine” ranks as a high praise meaning you see them as some type of angel or godly figure who surpasses the expectations of excellence. Not only is ‘Congratulations’ one of the most loving songs on the album, but the entire album is also a testament to Miller’s love for a woman and appreciation for them.

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