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Popular Netflix thriller “You” leaves audiences divided as the show takes on a new twist.

Season three of ‘You’ leaves viewers divided

November 18, 2021

Season three of the Netflix Original hit series, “You,” was released on Oct. 15. The storyline focuses on Joe, portrayed by Penn Badgley, running away to the suburbs with Love, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. Joe, Love, and their baby try to settle down but they start to lose interest in each other. Meanwhile, Joe begins to develop an obsession with another woman named Natalie, portrayed by Michaela McManus, and the stalking begins. With having two successful seasons, season three was heavily anticipated by audiences but it seems like viewers were split on the outcome.

‘You’ needs to find a new formula

It appears that the writers are running out of ideas. I had high expectations for season three since it was teased in the promotional videos that it was going to be different from the other seasons, with Joe running away with his lover and him having to be a father. But, the writers still found a way to make this season like the other two. Joe finds a girl to stalk, he becomes close to her, the plan backfires, and he has to run away and this season was no different with even the dialogue failing to evolve during the season. “You” likes to make commentary on how people lie on social media to make their lives perfect and while that’s okay, it’s now starting to annoy and is starting to sound like those “social media bad” Messages. One of the only redeeming qualities of this season is the character, Love. She was a breath of fresh air because unlike the rest of Joe’s victims, she was just as insane as he was and her impulsivity left the viewers more invested on what she was going to do next. I am still going to remain optimistic about season four because the potential of the show is there, but in order for the show to reach that potential, the writers have to stop recycling storylines.


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‘You’ season 3 leaves viewers wanting even more

The entirety of season three of “You” did not disappoint, it started on a thrill ride and ended on a thrill ride keeping you engaged and wanting more the whole time. It is not very common to find a show that successfully follows the internal monologue of an undercover psycho killer, while still portraying a shy, book-loving man who just wants to show love. Although the first few episodes are very fast paced and exciting, after that climax the show falls a bit in the aspect of thrill. This occurs when Joe and Love take time to reflect on their marriage, their kid, and the life they have started for themselves in the high-class suburbs of Los Angeles. But do not let that stop you from viewing, even with a few drier episodes, the show still manages to encapsulate the portrayal of two outcasts with dark secrets living in your stereotypical influencer town in the suburbs of L.A. What makes this season so entertaining is this breath of fresh air and the chance to finally see what it is like from the outsiders perspective and not your typical soulcycle, celery juice loving influencer perspective. The show successfully captures the two different sides and is not like the typical thriller you could find while scrolling through Netflix. Season three will leave you with more questions than answers, especially the question “what would you do for love?”

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