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All content by Isabela Sanchez
Journalists from The Stampede, The Central Times, The Echo, and The North Star provide their input on the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A comparative, spoiler-free review of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Isabela Sanchez and Aidan Renteria
May 17, 2022

To honor the concept of a multiverse, seven writers from four different schools decided to collaborate on this review. You can read from the Echo, the North Star, and the Central Times. Marvel’s newest...

Some honorable mentions in the Met Gala include celebrities like Blake Lively and Lizzo who either stuck with the theme or put their own spin on the theme.

The 2022 Met Gala: How to not follow a dress code

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
May 9, 2022

The 2022 Met Gala theme was “Gilded Glamor-White Tie,” meaning that all celebrities have to do is dress as if they were a part of the late 19th century. Period pieces have been made dedicated to the...

Classics novels are classics for a reason

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Reporter
April 28, 2022

Some people may associate classic novels with the bland books they had to read for school that they SparkNoted; however, people who think that classics are pointless need to remember that these books deserve...

On march 7th a vigil for the people of Ukraine

Making jokes about the Ukraine invasion: Is it a coping mechanism or an excuse to be insensitive?

Isabela Sanchez, Perspective Editor
March 18, 2022

The Russian military has destroyed homes, broken ceasefires, torn families, and has taken lives. This all started when the Russian military invaded the people of Ukraine on Feb. 24. While all those events...

Patrick Kelly: The designer

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
March 2, 2022

Some musicians get a stylist for their big debut. Patrick Kelly was a designer who combined racial issues with his fashion while keeping up with the trends of the 1980s. He had the intention of making...

Black History Month helps show students at Metea whom we have to thank for so many things in the world.

Black History Month serves as a reminder that Black History is not solely confined to the fight for racial equality

Black History Month is more than to educate others on Black pioneers in various fields. This month also had an important time of year to reflect on our nation’s complicated history surrounding race relations...

Students are seen eating lunch in the newly arranged commons.

Metea Valley is requiring students to sit in the commons during lunch despite safety concerns 

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
February 18, 2022

For the first semester and some of the second, students were allowed to eat anywhere at Metea Valley. This included the commons, locker banks upstairs and downstairs, library, and the auditorium hallway....

Depop is an app where people can either sell or buy clothing. This can be harmful to the environment and low-income families.

Second hand shopping holds a moral dilemma for shoppers

Isabela Sanchez, Perspective Editor
February 11, 2022

Second hand shopping is starting to become more popular and the app, Depop, is for people to sell their old clothes or buy second hand, is thriving because of this. Shopping second hand clothing is a great...

Metea Minute: Week of Jan. 31

Hello, Mustangs! I’m Tanay Pant. And I’m Ollie Shuminas. Here is your Metea Minute for the week of January 31st. The French Club will meet on February 1st after school in H104. Mustang wild...

Corporate feminism hit its peak after Sophia Amorusos book #GIRLBOSS became a New York Times Bestseller.

Corporation feminism is not actual feminism

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
January 26, 2022

Corporate feminism, mainly known as “Girlboss feminism,” really came into the spotlight in 2014 due to Sophia Amoruso’s book “#Girlboss.” This tells the story of Amoruso becoming the founder...

In 2019, Metea provided something known as Mustang 30. Mustang 30 gave students a 30 minute break to, catch up on late work, get extra help in classes, or a chance to just relax

The discontinued Mustang 30 provided various benefits to students

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
November 19, 2021

Every Wednesday after second period, Metea allowed 30 minutes of free time to students back in 2019. With this time, students had a chance to catch up with work or relax with various resources available....

Popular Netflix thriller You leaves audiences divided as the show takes on a new twist.

Season three of ‘You’ leaves viewers divided

Isabela Sanchez and Sydney Burleyson
November 18, 2021

Season three of the Netflix Original hit series, “You,” was released on Oct. 15. The storyline focuses on Joe, portrayed by Penn Badgley, running away to the suburbs with Love, portrayed by Victoria...

The film adaption of Dear Evan Hansen has failed to make a good impression on viewers.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ should have stayed on Broadway

Isabela Sanchez and Sofia Jubraj
October 18, 2021

The movie, “Dear Evan Hansen” was released on Sept. 24. The film is based on a musical. The Broadway show was a big hit, even having six Tony Awards under its belt. It is understandable why they wanted...

The final girl trope is a storyline that follows women fighting to be the last one standing. Some film characters include Laurie Strode, Adelaide Wilson, and Sidney Prescott. All are similar; however, all are different due to their evolved final girl storyline.

How the ‘Final Girl’ trope has evolved over the years

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
October 15, 2021

The “Final Girl” is another way to refer to a female survivor in a horror or slasher movie. The story is being told from her perspective and often, she is the one to defeat the killer. This trope began...

Social media affects young people in their day to day life and can lead to questionable actions such as destroying school property and harassment

Social media can have a strong grasp on people’s decisions

Sarah Holzman and Isabela Sanchez
October 12, 2021

People can think that they have full control over their decisions and that social media does not have a real impact on them. However, nothing else could influence a person to steal bathroom doors or assault...

These boxes contain information about voting and how to register.

The League of Women Voters encourage voting through Birthday Boxes

Isabela Sanchez
October 8, 2021

Students in government classes at Metea Valley registered to vote on Sept. 28. The League of Women Voters (LWV) is an organization run by women who want to spread awareness about the importance of voting, ...

As October approaches, a way to get into the spirit early is by watching the slasher trilogy, Fear Street.

The film, ‘Fear Street Part One: 1994,’ is the attention grabbing installment of the trilogy

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
September 10, 2021

It is September which means one more month until October. To get into the Halloween spirit early, one can watch the slasher trilogy, “Fear Street." All three films take place right after the other, so...

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