The discontinued Mustang 30 provided various benefits to students


Kaila Babyar

In 2019, Metea provided something known as Mustang 30. Mustang 30 gave students a 30 minute break to, catch up on late work, get extra help in classes, or a chance to just relax

Every Wednesday after second period, Metea allowed 30 minutes of free time to students back in 2019. With this time, students had a chance to catch up with work or relax with various resources available. The free 30 minutes was known as Mustang 30, unfortunately, it has become discontinued and it is a real shame considering how helpful it was.

The 30 minutes that the school provided students were very helpful with people who needed help with some classes. School can get overwhelming at times and some students are not given a chance to unwind at home, with things such as work, sports, or clubs. But, this break was able to be a safe space, as those people are given another chance to do school work that they might have not been able to complete because of their other commitments. 

Students were able to, and encouraged to, visit teachers during Mustang 30 if they needed help, which was especially useful for those who could not meet with their teachers during their lunch period. Metea even provided activities to people who had free time but wanted to use it wisely. For instance, the physical education department allows students to be active during their break since they were sitting down all day for other classes.

“I liked it because it gave me time to see my teachers, to get help or catch up on assignments without having to come in before/after school or during my lunch period,” senior Laney Vandehei said. “I also really enjoyed the meditation in the health classrooms, and just having time to chill with friends, especially people I did not have classes with, was really nice.” 

 Meditation or other coping mechanisms for stress are needed now more than ever, since last year was basically a year of isolation. Students have to readjust to in person learning and while there are resources like SEL lesions, that are there to teach one about how to improve their mental health, bringing back Mustang 30 and those additional options will give students a chance to put those lessons into actual use. This would make SEL lesions more effective because students are going to know how it feels to prioritize their own mental health.  

Mustang 30 was a subtle reminder that the school cares for its students. It provided them with resources, like extra work time and time to clear their head from the long day that awaited them. Resources like these can make students thrive in school, because even though 30 minutes may not sound like a lot, one can do plenty with that time if they would like to be productive.