Student Submission Guidelines

In the spirit of democracy, The Stampede aims to encourage students to voice their opinions and open needed discussions on topics that Metea Valley students are passionate about. The Stampede invites student-written submissions to be considered for publication in the printed issue and on Metea Media.

The Stampede’s Print Editor-in-Chief, Online Editor-in-Chief, and/or Social Media Editor will review all student submissions. The newspaper Adviser will also be consulted. The Stampede staff reserves the right to reject any submissions that do not follow the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should adhere to the AP stylebook rules
  • Submissions must be signed by the author(s); anonymous articles will not be published
  • Submissions must remain within 250-400 words
  • Submissions must follow The Stampede’s Editorial Policy and Comment Policy
  • Submissions will be edited for grammar, clarity, and length
  • Students must be willing to make any revisions to their article as needed

The Student Submission Guidelines can be changed at the discretion of the Print Editor-in-Chief, Online Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Editor, and Adviser, with consultation from other editors as needed.

To submit a guest article, a letter to the editor, or an opinion article to be printed in The Stampede or published to Metea Media, email submissions to [email protected].

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Student Submission Guidelines