Newspaper/Yearbook Application

Thank you for your interest in joining either Newspaper or Yearbook! Before you begin your application, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.


If you are applying for Newspaper, we require that applicants include a work sample. Those interested in reporting will submit an original 200-300 word article on a topic of your choice. Those interested in photography or graphic design will submit a small collection of their work. We suggest that you have your work sample completed prior to beginning your application. There will be a section for you to copy and paste your sample at the end of the application.


If you are applying for Yearbook, we require that applicants submit a separate email containing a writing sample, photograph(s), or any work of your choice that has been produced in Photoshop. The instructions on how to submit these requirements are at the end of the Yearbook application.


We would like to remind you that Newspaper Journalism and Yearbook Journalism are full-year electives and will take place of one of your scheduled courses. That being said, until you are officially selected to be a part of either publication staff, you will need to choose a course to take as an alternative to hold the space in your schedule.

Additionally, both classes are student-run, fast-paced, and deadline-focused. Some after-school work time is required, but can often be flexible with your schedule.

Applications are due by Friday, January 25. The application link is at the bottom of this page. We may follow up with you to schedule an interview, so make sure that you check your email regularly.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. DiGiorgio-Kadich (Yearbook) or Mr. Adam Page (Newspaper).

We look forward to talking to you soon!


Newspaper and Yearbook Editors


Link to begin application: Click Here!


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Newspaper/Yearbook Application