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Survivors of assault face much more than the event itself.
Surviving Assault: The obstacles to coming forward about sexual abuse
Tanay Pant, Spotlight Reporter

The name of the student mentioned has been changed for this article since they are candidly discussing sexual abuse in depth. This article...

Mustang Wild
May 26, 2022
This was the year of convalesce as we arguably returned to a sense of normalcy after the pandemic. We find it inspiring that all those who have submitted their work for this year's Mustang Wild portfolio proved that writing and expression prevails through challenging times. We hope that you all continue to create in order to express, and until next year, have a great summer!
BREAKING NEWS: Student injured in school bathroom fight
Christina Guckel and Tanay Pant May 26, 2022

A sophomore was injured in a fight in the boys bathroom in the commons during fifth period yesterday. Nobody was seriously injured in the incident, and...

The names of the victims from the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas are listed illustrating the number of lives lost in a singular school shooting.
Editorial: We need to end Gun Violence in schools
The Stampede Editorial Board

The tragedy of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas occurred on May 24, 2022, when 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire killing 19 children...

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My body, my choice is a slogan used for fighting for abortion rights. We can not fully decide on whether or not abortion should be legal but, we can decide the accessibility to abortion.
Opinion: Women should have access to safe abortions
Katrina Viloria, Online Editor-in-Chief

One in four pregnant women chooses to end their pregnancy in abortion worldwide. It is a hard decision, but she has to make that choice. However, would it be as hard if women had...

This Week’s Metea Minute
This Week’s Metea Minute
The News team takes time to reflect on some of the biggest moments in school News from the 2021-2022 school year.
2021-2022 school year news in review
News Department May 24, 2022

With a memorable year nearing its end, some students are moving toward new adventures and some still...

The crowd goes to the stage and cheer for the winners of the lip sync battle, The Black Aces.
The Mane awards $500 to The Black Aces for winning the lip sync battle
Allison Davids, Headlines reporter • May 19, 2022

Metea’s media and production class, the Mane, hosted their first lip sync battle last night. With $500...

Climate change is defined as long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns by the United Nations. Due to human activities and behaviors, such as burning fossil fuels, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased to the point where natural processes cannot fight them off.
A rundown on one of the Earth’s most fixable problems: climate change
Sarah Holzman, Headlines reporter • May 19, 2022

Scientist Rebellion leaks IPCC Report to “show that scientists are willing to disobey and take personal...

Weekly Sports beats 5/23-5/29
Weekly Sports beats 5/23-5/29
Grace Cronin, Grace Davidson, and Max Berglind May 23, 2022

Boys' Baseball (Grace Cronin) The boys' played in the DVC tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday. Their...

The girls’ soccer team celebrates after a goal by Tyra King to give the Mustangs a 3-0 lead in Tuesday’s 5-0 win against West Aurora.
Mustang domination: A showcase of size, speed, and talent from girls' soccer gives them a shot at eighth regional title
Max Berglind, Sports Reporter • May 20, 2022

Win-or-go home. Playoff soccer. The Metea Valley Mustangs and the West Aurora Blackhawks. This high stake...

Badminton players take a photo with a Metea banner.
Serving at state: Girls' badminton place fifth in doubles and sixth as a team
Grace Davidson, Sports Editor • May 18, 2022

The girls' badminton team has ended their 2022 season after an exciting performance at state. Sophomore...

Students line up to take photos with each other infront of the backdrop.
Theater students celebrate with an end of the year red carpet themed banquet
Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor • May 18, 2022

The end of the year is almost here, and students are wrapping up their in-school activities. Following the well-performed shows of “CLUE: on stage,” Winter Scenes, and...

Some honorable mentions in the Met Gala include celebrities like Blake Lively and Lizzo who either stuck with the theme or put their own spin on the theme.
The 2022 Met Gala: How to not follow a dress code
Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor • May 9, 2022

The 2022 Met Gala theme was “Gilded Glamor-White Tie,” meaning that all celebrities have to do is dress as if they were a part of the late 19th century. Period pieces...

Journalists from The Stampede, The Central Times, The Echo, and The North Star provide their input on the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
A comparative, spoiler-free review of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”
Isabela Sanchez and Aidan Renteria May 17, 2022

To honor the concept of a multiverse, seven writers from four different schools decided to collaborate on this review. You can read from the Echo, the North Star, and the...

Rachel loves to be active in the school community, but most of all, she enjoys performing with her peers.
Humans of Metea: Rachel Byrne
Ollie Shuminas, Spotlight Reporter • May 23, 2022

Senior Rachel Byrne is involved in many activities including Varsity Choir, Book Club, Speech, Mustang Comedy, Tri-M Honors Society, and Drama Club. Keep reading to learn more about her! What is your favorite memory from your school activities? My favorite memory would definitely be my experience...

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Autumn Zayas and Isabela Sanchez went on a social media cleanse for a week.
Two students attempt to take a social media cleanse
Bela Sanchez and Autumn Zayas April 7, 2022

According to my screen time, I am on my phone for five hours and 50 minutes. With those five hours and 50 minutes, I have seen videos of people reflecting on their social media cleanse and the benefits...

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Seniors on the dance floor for the first slow dance song.
Senior Prom 2022, a not so mysterious Masquerade
Madison Moon and Alisha Chhatwal May 3, 2022

The class of 2022 attended prom last Friday at Bobak's Signature Events. This year's theme was Masquerade. Students were greeted by Metea Staff when walking down the red...

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