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Bryce Young, Dick Butkus, Aidan Hutchinson, and Ahmad Gardner made themselves known by everyone on their path to the College Football Playoff.
No words can describe as Georgia wins first NCAA championship in 42 years
Max Berglind, Sports Reporter

Influence. Shock. Resilience. Experience. Those four words come to mind describing the final four participating in the 2021 College Football...

Girls’ basketball suffers tough loss to St. Charles North
Grace Cronin, Sports Reporter • January 13, 2022

St. Charles North Polaris was a worthy match for the Metea Valley Mustangs last Tuesday....

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ multiversal journey is nostalgic and brings an exciting future to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Aidan Renteria, Photographer • January 13, 2022

From all the movies that came out in 2021, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” directed...

All Illinois schools have adopted new CDC guidance which now shortens the quarantine period to five days instead of 14.
CDC shortens COVID-19 quarantine period to five days for all Illinois schools
Sydney Burleyson, Headlines editor

In an e-newsletter sent out by District 204 Superintendent Adrian Talley stated that “Staff and students who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of...

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2021 had many events that impacted some of our student body.
The impact of 2021’s politics, music, and COVID-19 waves on students and teachers
Christina Guckel, Ollie Shuminas, and Tanay Pant

Betty White's death along with a new COVID-19 variant has been some of the many highlights throughout this past year. Students and teachers are impacted tremendously by this year and what it has brought...

Metea Minute: Week of Dec. 13
Metea Minute: Week of Dec. 13
New mental health resources are put into place for students to utilize.
District launches new mental health website
Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor • December 14, 2021

District 204 has created a new webpage with information about mental health resources, citing losses...

District 204 introduces two new boundary plans to the community.
School board leaders finalize two possible concepts for new boundaries for Indian Prairie School District 204
Tanmayi Sharat, Headlines Reporter • December 3, 2021

There has been much concern over the student capacity in District 204 high schools. The large capacity...

The board discusses summer bridge programs, the new boundaries plan, and student mental health
The Board of Education holds their second meeting of the month
Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor • November 19, 2021

The school board held their second board meeting of the month last Monday evening. With schools being...

Weekly Sports Beats 12/27-1/9
Weekly Sports Beats 12/27-1/9
Grace Cronin, Max Berglind, and Grace Davidson January 10, 2022

Girls' Basketball (Grace Davidson) The girls' started off break with a loss of 63-54 in the Holiday...

Weekly Sports Beats 12/20-12/26
Weekly Sports Beats 12/20-12/26
Grace Cronin, Max Berglind, Nicolas Vallejo, and Grace Davidson December 21, 2021

Girls' Basketball (Grace Davidson) The team lost to Nazareth Academy 53-32 last Monday. Their next...

An analysis of this past month in Illinois Professional Sports
An analysis of this past month in Illinois Professional Sports
Max Berglind, Sports Reporter • December 17, 2021

Bulls basketball is back, Bears and Blackhawks are disappointing, and Major League Baseball has entered...

Students study diligently in class in preparation for finals week.
Teachers and students offer insight over upcoming finals week
Christina Guckel and Tanay Pant December 14, 2021

Finals are coming up in less than a week, and teachers and students alike are preparing intensely for the following week. Finals can carry a great deal of stress on students,...

Brandy Melville’s clothes are marketed as  one size fits all despite people being all different shapes and sizes.
Brandy Melville's one size fits all standard is outdated
Allison Davids, Headlines Reporter • December 16, 2021

Fashion is a big part of how people express themselves. A popular clothing brand that students wear is Brandy Melville. The company is an international Italian clothing company...

Eternals, the newest Marvel movie, has gotten many mixed reviews in the media. The film is very different from the traditional Marvel action movie, but is still worth seeing.
‘Eternals’ is a comic book film that brings a different aspect to the Marvel Universe
Autumn Zayas and Aidan Renteria December 10, 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has made a comeback with the release of a new comic adapted movie named “Eternals.” This new movie is a fresh look for Marvel because...

Anabel Orchard is a cheerleader and is involved in many other clubs here at Metea.
Humans Of Metea: Anabel Orchard
Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor • December 21, 2021
Jonathan is a part of many programs at Metea, but one of his responsibilities that stands out is being the co-president of the principal advisory board.
Humans of Metea: Jonathan Barker
Ollie Shuminas, Spotlight Reporter • December 15, 2021
Students adjust to learning outside of the classroom
Seniors discuss the first couple days of E-Learning
Isabella Myers , Social Media EIC • September 8, 2020

Students perform their favorite Tik Tok dance between classes
Students perform their favorite Tik Tok dance between classes
Bella Myers , Multimedia Editor • January 23, 2020

Dr. Echols and Mayor Richard Irvin present a road sign to congratulation the success of Metea Valleys girl volleyball team winning state.
Metea Valley celebrates a state win by hosting a pep rally
November 18, 2021

A senior looks out at MVHS Emcees flying the Metea crest proudly. The Emcees encourages class to challenge each other on showing the most school spirit.
Metea's first outdoor pep assembly was definitely one for the books
Autumn Zayas, Photographer • October 6, 2021

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