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No matter the year, students in high school feel consistent feelings of stress and tiredness due to their workload and responsibilities.
Yearly Nicknames: The Emotions We Go Through In High School
Ritika Khurana, Social Media Editor

From being excited one year, lazy the next, overwhelmed the third, and nostalgic the last, students go through a large range of emotions during...

Senior burnout negatively impacts productivity and attendance
Lindsey Hall, Spotlight Editor • February 23, 2024

Seniors experience a lack of motivation as they start committing to their post-secondary plans. Senior burnout, also known as “senioritis”, refers...

New Psychology Club unites student interests
Dhiya Ashlyn D.S. and Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina February 23, 2024

Four Metea students started a Psychology Club which meets every other Thursday in the large forum room. The newly established Psychology Club had...

The Circe Saga brings many new melodies and characters to the Epic franchise.
The voyage continues: The Circe Saga
Luisa Bernardino, Diversity Editor

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Teen girls have found themselves in the more obscure pieces of media and films like Pearl or Girl Interrupted compared to media made for them
Inside the Complex Mind of the Teenage Girl
Isa Peters, Perspectives Reporter

Cassie’s infamous line from season 2 episode 3 of Euphoria—“You can all judge me if you want, but I do not care. I have never, ever, been happier”—has cemented itself...


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With the amount of hard work that goes into learning a new language, being able to earn a Seal of Biliteracy is a great achievement.
The Seal of Biliteracy means more than a stamp on a transcript
Emily Peña, News Reporter • January 31, 2024

El examen para el Sello de Alfabetización Bilingüe tendrá lugar el 3 de febrero para reconocer a los...

Mustang Career Partnership Program hosts STEM Field Career Panel
Mustang Career Partnership Program hosts STEM Field Career Panel
Isabelle Leofanti, Headlines Editor • January 25, 2024

The Mustang Career Partnership Program hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) Field...

Metea Valley's Winter Pep Assembly brings students together
Dhiya Ashlyn D.S., Ritika Khurana, and Jordan Jones January 23, 2024

Metea Valley’s Winter Pep Assembly, taken place on January 19th, effectively reveals the true spirit...

Breaking down the Super Bowl action
Breaking down the Super Bowl action
Charlie Davidson and Xavier Delgado February 13, 2024

Charlie and Xavier hop back on the pod to recap all the action from the big game, joined this time...

Super Bowl Preview
Super Bowl Preview
Charlie Davidson and Xavier Delgado February 9, 2024

Charlie and Xavier break down the conference championship action and make their big game predictions

Many soccer fans around the world disagreed with FIFAs choice for the award, claiming that their decision was unfair and that they had rigged the voting process.
FIFA’s ‘The Best’ men’s award decision spark debate among sports fans
Carlos Sanchez, Sports Reporter • February 1, 2024

Soccer sensation Lionel Messi was crowned with The Best FIFA Men’s Player Award, making it his third...

Throughout Metea Valley, Valentines Day celebrates love, both romantic and platonic.
Students across Metea get into the Valentine’s Day spirit
Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor • February 14, 2024

Valentine’s Day — a day of love, friendship, and admiration ー is widely celebrated throughout the world and is now being recognized within the school. Metea Valley students...

Instead of living in the moment, many people find themselves worried about what they might be missing elsewhere.
Your FOMO is why you’re missing out
Sam Patil, Perspectives Editor • February 12, 2024

The only time I have ever felt like I was missing out on something, was when I saw that all of my friends were in AP and honors classes and I was not in even one. When I looked...

The silhouette is meant to represent me wearing my traditional  clothing and my background being Mongolian.
My Experience Being Asian
February 9, 2024
BoJack Horseman, since the show’s beginning, has led fans into many arguments over his morality and what it means for our real Hollywood stars.
Bojack Horseman: Humanity’s biggest moral mystery
Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina, Isa Peters, and Ava Stone February 9, 2024

On paper, The story of a drunk anthropomorphic horse dealing with life’s traumas in a corny sitcom shouldn’t work. Yet, Bojack is a better reflection of intrusive thoughts,...

Students duel for bead chains during Meteas Roshambo day
Students duel for bead chains during Metea's Roshambo day
Dhiya Ashlyn D.S. and Xavier Delgado January 19, 2024

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Junior Madison Monroe plays the National Anthem on the electric guitar.
Black History Month assembly brings joy and education
Ollie Shuminas and Ell Macias February 21, 2024

Unity In Excellence club organized the annual Black History Month assembly on Feb. 21, 2024, highlighting the arts through poetry, dance, fashion, and more. Students banded...

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