Student government elections approach virtually
The LMC gives students the ability to check out books through curbside pickup

September 15, 2020

The library reopened for curbside pickup with books last Tuesday. This brings a new opportunity for readers to utilize Metea’s library during e-learning. They will have the opportunity to put books on...

News Beats

September 15, 2020

School Board (Jessica Velazquez):  Indian Prairie School District held a board meeting last Tuesday. Throughout the meeting, they reviewed the first few days of school as a success. The IPSD school...

District 204 narrows down to its final decision on reopening schools for the fall

August 18, 2020

Throughout the summer, the district expressed concerns on their website regarding the rising COVID-19 rates in DuPage County, causing a delay in the return to school on Sept. 3 and the continuance of online...

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Musicians turn to songwriting to cope and lift fans’ spirits
Nintendo Switch Games rise to popularity during ongoing pandemic

August 8, 2020

This summer consisted of binge-watching Netflix, doing yoga, and playing dozens of video games. Those who recently got into playing games may find this compiled reviews of four games from Nintendo helpful. 

Stampede Staff Playlist: May Edition

May 12, 2020

Eight by IU ft Suga Contributed by Noelle Pryor This song is bittersweet. From what I understand, it discusses growing up and having to say goodbye to different things, mainly people. It talks...

The world is turning to music amidst its declining statistics

May 6, 2020

Music is something that cannot be fully defined. It is a term with versatility based on people’s experiences and differences. As the official definition states, music is a vocal or instrumental sound...

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Students perform their favorite Tik Tok dance between classes
Vlog: A behind the scenes look at Collage
Vlog: Metea students immersed in German-American culture at the Christkindlmarket

November 19, 2019

Metea Valley’s German Club was immersed in German-American culture when they took a trip to the Christkindlmarket in Daley Park on Nov. 16. A handful of students from Neuqua and Waubonsie joined the...

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