On Jan. 25, Metea will reopen for hybrid learning students. This is the first time students have attended classes after a full semester of remote learning.
Teachers express their opinion on the upcoming hybrid schedule 
Sydney Burleyson January 21, 2021

*Two of the teacher interviewees in this article chose to remain anonymous. They will be referred to as a Social Studies teacher and an English teacher. The hybrid schedule...

Mulan is Disney
Weekly Movie Review: ‘Mulan’ is a Disney remake that lacks excitement and plot stability
Katrina Viloria, Perspectives Editor • January 22, 2021

Warning: Spoilers ahead.   We have all heard of the story, “Mulan.” The fearless young woman fought in the Imperial Army to protect her father. Throughout time,...

Seniors showing their support with Metea Booster towels
Class of 2021 has a senior parade to kick off their senior year
Megan Drake October 2, 2020

Rain or shine, the staff does not let COVID-19 stop the class of 2021’s senior year. Seniors were able to drive through the parking lot to celebrate their senior year last...

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