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PinkPantheress’ debut album, ‘Heaven knows,’ illustrates impactful themes whilst having a ‘00s R&B and alternative-pop ambiance. ‘Heaven knows’ displays heavy types of nostalgic sounds, adding a modern twist to them.

‘Heaven knows’ embodies whispering intimacy and rhythmic nostalgia

Jordan Jones, Perspectives Reporter
November 17, 2023

PinkPantheress released her altering debut album, “Heaven Knows" (stylized “Heaven knows”) on Nov. 10, which reveals reminiscent rhythm and sounds that divulge her hidden talent. She displays her...

The main character, Armin Arlert, in Paths looking at the portal to see Eren Jaeger

‘Attack on Titan’ showcases the devastating effects of ignoring history

Isa Peters, Perspectives Reporter
November 16, 2023

This contains anime and manga spoilers for all of “Attack on Titan” “Attack on Titan” wrapped up its 14-year run as an anime last weekend, a touching moment that all the fans who stuck around...

The release of the Ocean Saga features one of the main characters as the Greek god Poseidon.

Release date for the epic ‘Ocean Saga’ is finally announced

Luisa Bernardino
November 9, 2023

A piano riff creates a murmur, mixing with the sounds of ocean waves in the background. Soon afterward, a chant of angry voices sets in and announces the entrance of a god. The perfect build-up for what...

Seventeen is a band that has taken the music world by storm, but their contributions are still not discussed at large.

History-making boy band Seventeen is not talked about enough

Azaa Battsogt and Isa Peters
November 8, 2023

Seventeen is a South Korean boy band that consists of 13 members. They debuted in 2015 with their song “Adore U,” but that was not the original plan. Seventeen’s original debut date was in 2013,...

The encore of the ENHYPEN concert with confetti and strings flowing down from the ceiling and the band hugging each other after another successful show.

K-pop fever sweeps across the west in record breaking time

Isa Peters, Perspectives Reporter
November 2, 2023

There has been one band dominating the world music scene in the past five years. They go by multiple names; Bangtan, 7, Beyond the Scenes, and Bangtan Boys. However, the name that rings in everybody’s...

1989 (Taylors Version) shows Swift at the peak of her abilities, breathing new life into an old album.

‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ is a confident revival of the record-breaking album

Lindsey Hall, Spotlight Editor
October 31, 2023

Nine years after its initial release, “1989” is still considered one of Taylor Swift’s most iconic albums. Not only did it shift the trajectory of her music from country to pop, but it also propelled...

Vijay’s acting and portrayal of Parthiban/Leo kept viewers at the edge of their seats.

‘Leo’ was an AMAZING movie, anyone who disagrees can argue with a wall

Dhiya Ashlyn D.S., Spotlight Reporter
October 24, 2023

*MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD*   The recently released Tamil film "Leo" was the revitalization of the Tamil actor Vijay ‘Thalapathy’ Chandrasekhar’s film career, and a trendsetter movie that will...

Bad Bunnys new album showcases his life and experiences through never-seen-before wordplay and songwriting.

Bad Bunny’s ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’ emits a sense of melodic tranquility

Jordan Jones, Perspectives Reporter
October 20, 2023

¿Un otoño sin Bad Bunny? Nunca. Bad Bunny released the highly praised ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,’ his fifth studio album, featuring various artists and remarkable storytelling aspects....

Luffy stands proud of his upcoming journey across the sea with dramatic lighting behind him.

Live-action remakes can learn from One Piece

Isa Peters, Perspectives Reporter
October 16, 2023

You grab your tickets, you grab your snacks, and you get ready to give all your attention to the film. The first scene is in a savannah; it reminds you of that one movie, but you can not remember its name...

Stampede Staff Playlist: October Edition

Stampede Staff Playlist: October Edition

Sam Patil and Sarah Holzman
October 16, 2023

Get ready to embrace the cozy vibes of fall with our October Staff Playlist. The Stampede’s carefully curated collection of songs will transport you to a world of crisp leaves, warm sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced...

‘For All The Dogs’ showcases the diverse range and talents possessed by Drake, amplified through collaborations with artists across different genres

Drake unleashed raw emotion in new album, ‘For All The Dogs’

Jordan Jones, Perspectives Reporter
October 10, 2023

Drake has been seen either gambling or making additional music after the collaborative album with 21 Savage on “Her Loss.” Drake finalized the month of September with his “It’s All a Blur” tour,...

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