Stampede Staff Playlist: April Edition

“Sweet, rosy April—laughing, sighing, waiting.” –Emily Pauline Johnson
Stampede Staff Playlist: April Edition
对面的女孩看过来 (The girl opposite looks over) by Richie Jen

The unique instrumental of this song, distinguishing it from the usual edgy electric guitar of Richie Jen’s other songs, always lifts my mood. The harmonica, shy comments, and extremely memorable chorus have made this song one of my favorites when studying Chinese.

Mar by Bea Duarte

 Songs are a timeless medium to translate important messages and this song reflects such. “Mar” is filled with amazing melodies and metaphors, known to be staples of its composer. The rise and fall of the tempo and intensity reflect the waves of the sea, which is what the song is named after, making it stick to the listener’s mind. Apart from that, its message and lyrics make the perfect pathway to reflect on your life and society. 

Image from “Mar.” Graphic By: Sam Patil.

Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun

Late summer night drives with the windows down and music blaring are often memorable moments for people. But finding the perfect song to blare during the moment can be difficult; “Walking On a Dream” by Empire of the Sun is just the fit. This song has a fun, clear, and upbeat rhythm/beat, but at the same time, it is relaxing and calm. The song puts a smile on your face and clouds over all your worries with its relatable lyrics and fun continual beat. 

Image from “Walking On a Dream,” directed by Josh Logue. Graphic By: Sam Patil.

Spirit 2.0 by Sampha

This song feels like running on clouds in the middle of June while the sun shines on your skin. It feels like having headphones on while it’s dark outside and raining around you. It feels like peace but feels like conflict. It feels like letting go and bringing on something new while still holding yourself at the core. It’s perfect.

Image from “Spirit 2.0.”  Graphic By: Sam Patil.

Thuli Thuli by Na. Muthukumar, and Yuvan Shankar Raja

This song depicts young love as the purest and truest form of human emotion. It describes seeing the person you love as being synonymous with the drizzling of rain before it disappears as hot vapor. The wording of the song almost makes love seem tangible. The singer holds his lover in the highest regard, claiming that flowers seek her approval before blooming. 

Image from ” Paiya.”  Graphic By: Sam Patil.

Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves

“Slowburn” by Kacey Musgraves is a beautiful reminder to appreciate each day to the fullest. With seniors graduating and underclassmen preparing for next fall, staying focused on the future can be easy. However, Musgraves highlights the flowers, the weather, and all the little things people miss when they don’t live in the moment. Each song off of “Golden Hour” is a timeless classic, but “Slow Burn” in particular is perfect for long walks outside and enjoying the summer days.


This is one of those summer songs that you play in a group of good friends that you’ve known for so many years. This song captures a carnival of sound that can bring any person together for the love of music and the love of dance. Beyoncè once again adds a soulful and undoubtedly stunning track for another new famous piece of art.

Lovely Day by Bill Withers

“Lovely Day” by Bill Withers may be an oldie but it is still a goodie. Summer consists of lots of ‘lovely days’. Whether it’s because you got to spend all day at the pool, swimming and eating ice cream, or spending time with a loved one, as suggested in the song. Due to the lyrics and enjoyable background music, listening to this song authorizes and persuades you to be positive and make more time for the good things in life. And to furthermore have a ‘lovely day’.

Smooth Sailing by Queens of the Stone Age

One of the smoothest rock and roll songs the band has ever produced. A harsh riff throughout the background gives a ton of energy to the otherwise melodic tune. Also… it just sounds good.

O Sol e a Lua by Pequeno Cidadão

This song has the perfect summer tune, having both great lyrics and a relaxing pace, it proves to be perfect for any situation anyone needs to take their minds off a bad situation. ‘O sol e a Lua’ translates to “the Sun and the Moon” and tells a tale of love between the two astronomical phenomena, giving you the perfect summery feeling. 

Bourgeoisieses by Conan Gray

Along with Conan Gray’s album, “Found Heaven”, Gray takes this as a chance to experiment with different genres and instruments, allowing all types of musical aspects within this song. “Bourgeoisieses” is a song that messes around and differs from the common pop songs that are out now, striking listeners as they continue with this upbeat, yet catchy song on Gray’s album.

Feel It (From The Original Series “Invincible”) by d4vd

Contrary to most d4vd’s songs, “Feel It” perfectly captures the feeling of how messy love is scary, yet addicting. Within the song, listeners can connect and genuinely feel the artist as they bounce around the concept of love. 

Saturday Nights by Khalid

Khalid always perfectly captures the vibes he is trying to convey in all his songs, but this one specifically makes you live through it. You feel like some kid in Southern California who just got out of school and like a scene out of an A24 film. Coming-of-age vibes are always a go-to when it comes to spring and summer songs for me.

Después De La Playa (After the Beach) by Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny is no stranger to upbeat and vibrant songs and “Después De La Playa” highlights that notion. This song feels just like a party on the beach with no care in the world. Even if you are sitting, this song makes you wanna get up and dance since it is so addicting.

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