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Metea Media 2020-2021 Comment Policy

Run by the students of The Stampede, Metea Media is a student-run website built to share stories and photos of Metea life in addition to providing a splash page for school-related links. The world of journalism is ever evolving, and Metea Media aims to keep its audience up to date with Metea news every week.

Metea Media is bound to the same rules and strives towards the same goals as The Stampede. As such, the website upholds the freedom of speech in both articles and comments. However, Metea Media and its staff reserve the right to screen all comments in order to keep discussions productive. All comments must adhere to school rules.

Metea Media will not publish comments if they contain the following:

  • Rude or obscene language (i.e. swear words, sexual jokes, violent threats, etc.)
  • Hate speech (i.e. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Insults towards a specific student or a teacher
  • Content that is irrelevant to the article or does not add to the discussion
  • Attempts to imply comments were written by a person other than the author

Refer to the student handbook for further specifics on what is considered appropriate.

The Social Media Editor will read and evaluate all comments. Should there be any issues with a particular comment, the Social Media Editor will consult the newspaper adviser and Online Editor-in-Chief.

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Comment Policy