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The board discusses summer bridge programs, the new boundaries plan, and student mental health
The Board of Education holds their second meeting of the month
Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor • November 19, 2021

The school board held their second board meeting of the month last Monday evening. With schools being back in person, the meeting was able to be held at the Crouse Education...

The threat assessment team was created to assess and treat threats made against individual schools, students, and staff.
Threat assessment team is created to protect staff and students
Sydney Burleyson, Headlines Editor • November 16, 2021

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a new law that states all schools must identify staff for a threat assessment team and have a set threat assessment procedure in place as of...

English teacher and bowling coach Mrs. Kristen Mansmith won the Tireless Teacher Award.
Kristen Mansmith receives the October PTSA Tireless Teacher Award
Tanmayi Sharat, Headlines Reporter • November 15, 2021

The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Tireless Teacher award is an award where students nominate the teacher that receives it. The PTSA hands out the award each month...

Student Voice Committee hosts open discussions for students to talk about concerns at Metea Valley.
Student Voice Committee promotes student advocacy about concerns at school
November 9, 2021

The Student Voice Committee is a team of students who want to promote student advocacy. The committee hosted an open discussion in the LMC collaboration...

As the new teacher vaccine mandate is implemented on Sept. 27, teachers share their opinions on the new mandate.
Teacher video prompts discussion around teacher vaccine mandate
November 2, 2021

When students in first period ceramics class opened their Chromebooks on Sept. 27, their substitute teacher told them to watch the video that...

Students are adapting to the new lunchroom changes. The second floor is no longer accessible to students during lunch periods and access.
Administrators announce new rules regarding lunch periods
October 29, 2021

Administrators announced new protocols for students to follow during lunch at the end of the school day on Oct. 15,  and students are no longer...

Metea Valley administration takes precautions to prevent fighting and violence in school.
Administrators concerned over increase in fights
October 26, 2021

Metea Valley administrators have seen a rise in verbal altercations and physical altercations this school year with 28 fights happening so far...

As students and teachers were welcomed back for the in-person 2021-22 school year, District 204 created a website that publically displays the number of positive COVID-19 cases across all the Districts schools. This allows students, as well as their parents, to remain up to date on the most recent number of cases.
Of all the District 204 high schools, Metea Valley reports the smallest amount of positive COVID-19 cases
October 19, 2021

A month into the reintroduced in-person learning school year, positive COVID-19 case numbers have begun to level off in recent weeks, after increasing...

Students attempting to use the restroom are finding that bathroom doors around the building are being locked with no notice.
‘Devious licks’ challenge continues to keep the bathrooms locked
October 15, 2021

The locked men's bathrooms at Metea Valley is a growing problem where students can not use the bathroom because of the “devious licks” trend....

Student governments sophomore class participating in the spirit week which they planned.
Student government members create awareness about upcoming opportunities to get involved at school
October 14, 2021

After the big homecoming dance on Oct. 2, Metea Valley’s student government met to devise plans for new events for the school to increase school...

Miss Jordan instructing her students during PE class.
Meredith Jordan named the 2021 Northeastern District High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year
October 13, 2021

Meredith Jordan is a health and physical education teacher here at Metea Valley. She has been teaching for over 17 years, and teaches the peer...

Mrs. Honeysett strives to reconnect with the students in her classes. Students are finding difficultly transitioning into past classroom norms.
Students are back to building relationships with teachers after over a year online
September 22, 2021

The closing of schools and move to online learning within the last year due to the COVID-19 crisis has led to changes with how teachers interact...

The bus driver shortage in district 204 has impacted student’s transportation to and from school.
Bus driver shortages cause students to question school transportation
September 17, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, bus drivers were left without work and turned to search for higher paying jobs. As school has started to return...

The TedEd club, founded by students meets on Tuesday, September 14th.
TedEd club is ready to invite new passionate students in again as the new school year begins
September 15, 2021

Student activities such as clubs and sports start to pick up as the 2021-2022 school year progresses. One club in particular that has started...

Freshman sit in a circle a connect with their upperclassman as they tell stories of their freshman year.
Freshmen meet outside to create new social connections for Fresh Connect
September 14, 2021

As students are getting into the rhythm of a normal school day, the freshmen were newly introduced to Fresh Connect. As new ideas like meeting...

Local teen -Michelle Azie-
wins the title of Fox Valley Youth Poet Laureate
Michelle Azi wins the title of Fox Valley Youth Poet Laureate
September 9, 2021

Teen Writers and Artist Project (TWAAP) held the Fox Valley Youth Poet Laureate Finalist Ceremony on Aug 26. The winner of this event was junior...

Students hopeful return for the 2021-2022 year
Students' hopeful return for the 2021-2022 year
September 3, 2021

Many students, while happy, were skeptical of their return to school for the following year when the school bell rang on March 13. As the 2021-2022...

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