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Some honorable mentions in the Met Gala include celebrities like Blake Lively and Lizzo who either stuck with the theme or put their own spin on the theme.

The 2022 Met Gala: How to not follow a dress code

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
May 9, 2022

The 2022 Met Gala theme was “Gilded Glamor-White Tie,” meaning that all celebrities have to do is dress as if they were a part of the late 19th century. Period pieces have been made dedicated to the...

Dunkin has been using creative advertising strategies to promote their brand.

Dunkin’s recent advertising strategies are effective but questionable

Allison Davids, Headlines Reporter
May 5, 2022

Coffee and donuts are not all Dunkin have to their name. Earlier this year, Dunkin released a small makeup collection with e.l.f cosmetics, and last week another collection with the clothing brand, Carter....

Metea theater students practice for A Chorus Line.

‘A Chorus Line’ got the role from its amazing performance

Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor
April 25, 2022

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Beautiful dancing, choreography, lights, and live music fill up the auditorium. Following Metea Theater’s production of “CLUE: On Stage,” “A Chorus Line” took place in Metea’s...

Gas prices should not be very high because fuel poverty increases.

Rising gas prices are completely insane

John Wafula Ojwang, Perspective Reporter
April 19, 2022

It is currently about $4.36 for gas. 3 months ago, it was about $3.31. Multiply that with however many gallons your fuel tank holds and you could be looking at paying anywhere from $60 to $105. Gas should...

On march 7th a vigil for the people of Ukraine

Making jokes about the Ukraine invasion: Is it a coping mechanism or an excuse to be insensitive?

Isabela Sanchez, Perspective Editor
March 18, 2022

The Russian military has destroyed homes, broken ceasefires, torn families, and has taken lives. This all started when the Russian military invaded the people of Ukraine on Feb. 24. While all those events...

Even though adults are meant to be mature sometimes they act like kids.

Adults’ actions have an influence on children

John Wafula Ojwang, Perspectives Reporter
March 9, 2022

Children are encouraged to look up to adults as if they are their role models. They constantly follow what they do and they try to keep up with them because they have that feeling of being like them. Children...

Black History Month helps show students at Metea whom we have to thank for so many things in the world.

Black History Month serves as a reminder that Black History is not solely confined to the fight for racial equality

Black History Month is more than to educate others on Black pioneers in various fields. This month also had an important time of year to reflect on our nation’s complicated history surrounding race relations...

Students are seen eating lunch in the newly arranged commons.

Metea Valley is requiring students to sit in the commons during lunch despite safety concerns 

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
February 18, 2022

For the first semester and some of the second, students were allowed to eat anywhere at Metea Valley. This included the commons, locker banks upstairs and downstairs, library, and the auditorium hallway....

Adult expectations tend to shift away from the childhood expectations at the age of eighteen.

The expectations that come with adulthood

John Wafula Ojwang, Perspective Reporter
February 15, 2022

Once one turns 18, a lot of responsibilities are expected from them. Some parents will allow their kids to have their freedom at that age after they finish school. While others do not. But, young adults...

Valentines Day is a holiday made for celebrating love with a significant other despite all the single people out in the world.

The reality of what happens on Valentine’s Day

Allison Davids, Headlines Reporter
February 14, 2022

Once January ends, dread starts to fill the air. This dread is due to the approach of Valentine's Day. The holiday has a great message of love, but the holiday is also a reminder that people are still...

Depop is an app where people can either sell or buy clothing. This can be harmful to the environment and low-income families.

Second hand shopping holds a moral dilemma for shoppers

Isabela Sanchez, Perspective Editor
February 11, 2022

Second hand shopping is starting to become more popular and the app, Depop, is for people to sell their old clothes or buy second hand, is thriving because of this. Shopping second hand clothing is a great...

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