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Saying farewell is part of life, but that does not make it any less hard.

Growing up is scary but inevitable

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
May 25, 2023

The last weeks of school become sadder and sadder as a person grows up each year. When we were younger, summer break meant “See you next year.” Now, as we have entered a time packed to the brim with...

Moments are forgotten, but our stories will last a lifetime

Moments are forgotten, but our stories will last a lifetime

Adam Page, Adviser
May 23, 2023

We live in a world of moments. Snaps that disappear. Videos that scroll by. Reels that are viewed and forgotten. We’re surrounded by them, immersed in fleeting moments. These moments make us feel connected,...

As graduation approaches the corner, seniors are choosing what path their future holds for them.

The class of 2023 is split between being ready and not ready for college

Allison Davids and Sydney Burleyson
April 24, 2023

As seniors are about to graduate, some of them are heading to college where the atmosphere is much different than what they are used to. The overwhelming rush of independence that students feel at college...

 All the breaks from school are beneficial, but summer break is the best.

Summer break is the only time that students can de-stress

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
March 23, 2023

Each school year is sprinkled with four breaks: summer, fall, winter and spring. They all have their perks and their timing is always strategically perfect but the one break that always creates the most...

Going over emergency protocols is important for the safety of everyone in the building.

Teachers should focus less on the syllabus and more on safety

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
March 13, 2023

My peers and I have had no idea what to do whenever there was a situation resembling an emergency in the last few years. Whether it be for weather or a circumstance requiring either a soft or hard lock-down,...

Throw away your garbage after lunch. Other people should not have to clean up after you.

Be respectful, clean up after yourself

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
February 13, 2023

There is a lesson that we all learned when we were young that some people have been forgetting: cleaning up after yourself. After every bell, the commons is left looking like a pig’s sty. There is a...

 Leadership positions presented cause competition between males and females

Society needs to consider demanding women leaders

Isabelle Leofanti
January 26, 2023

From the outset, women have been distinguished as unworthy of equal rights obtained by men due to a simple factor, their sex. Looking back, women have been excluded from countless job opportunities, education,...

Local Robotics Team Hosts LEGO Building Contest with a $100 prize

Local Robotics Team Hosts LEGO Building Contest with a $100 prize

Catherine Schuch
January 4, 2023

If you would like to help support STEM education for underprivileged youth as well as build a lego creation for a potential prize of $100, consider entering Rolling Thunder's LEGO building contest "I...

Items made by fast fashion brands usually end up donated in thrift stores.

Fast fashion, exclusivity and social media are issues that create a toxic environment in the fashion industry

Allison Davids, Copy Editor
December 12, 2022

Walking inside a retail store at the mall and looking at the jean section can be overwhelming. In the fitting room, one will try on different sizes and styles, yet a size eight fits too loose, and a size...

Starting Christmas celebrations too early takes away from the true magic of the holiday season.

Christmas season does not have to start in November

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
November 30, 2022

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1, Santa Claus comes out of retirement- at least according to franchise stores. Every year, months before December, it seems the entire country decides...

Stir fry noodles are made on the spot.

Metea’s cafeteria food diversifies

Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina, Perspectives Reporter
November 18, 2022

Back in middle school, I remember wanting to try school lunch because I have always brought my own food to the cafeteria. I was attracted to the smell of hot cheese pizza or the soft touch of a custom-wrapped...

‘Radium Girls’ was an emotion-packed story that jumped off the stage and into our hearts.

‘Radium Girls’ is an excellent example of what a high school production can accomplish

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
November 7, 2022

*This story contains spoilers for Radium Girls.* Metea’s Theatre department put on yet another amazing show that exhibited a variety of great performances. Radium Girls, which ran from Nov. 3 to Nov....

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