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What is the reward of leaking content?

Leaking content online benefits no one

Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina, Perspectives Reporter
September 30, 2022

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is a highly anticipated video game that is not releasing for at least another two years, yet the game was leaked online with 90 clips of gameplay on Sept. 18. This is one of...

Purple Hearts is a harmful portrayal of modern-day romance.

Purple Hearts review: Netflix convinces an entire app that a questionable relationship is a love story

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor
September 15, 2022

This story contains spoilers for the Netflix original Purple Hearts. Netflix released its newest problematic and slightly offensive project this summer. Its initial trailer, which debuted on July 12...

On each anniversary New York City displays two beaming lights representing the twin towers to pay respect to those who lost their lives and celebrate the spirit of NYC

A day to remember: 9/11

Sydney Burleyson and Sarah Holzman
September 12, 2022

2,996 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001, due to the hijacking of four planes by 19 suicide hijackers from the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda. Groups of men smuggled box cutters, ropes, and...

Apps are clawing for your attention.

Apps have become too good at their jobs

Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina, Perspectives Reporter
September 9, 2022

Whatsapp is adding the option to buy groceries through the app in India. Facebook, now Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerburg aims to turn Whatsapp into a Wechat, which is a super-app that has multiple functions. This...

Although the VMAs are primarily for recognizing musical talent, fashion is always a stand-out factor of the entire show.

Top artists receive awards at this year’s VMAs

Allison Davids and Sarah Holzman
September 8, 2022

From amazing performances to awards, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) did not disappoint this year. Popular artists from all genres of music came together to award one another for the talent they have...

Reading translated literature spreads the voices of a variety of people and is a pathway to self-education.

Reading translated literature is more important than ever

Lindsey Hall, Headlines Reporter
September 1, 2022

Known to only a fraction of students, Aug. serves as Woman in Translation Month for the literary world. The purpose of this celebratory month is to elevate the international stories of women as well as...

Netflix releases a catalog of games included with the subscription.

Yes, Netflix has games and some of them are genuinely good

Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina, Perspectives Reporter
August 30, 2022

You see the cell-shaded water slowly swathe the sand on the beach, as the sunset casts an orange glow on the scene. A mysterious woman that seems to know you, is sitting beside you, while the tranquil...

The Highland Park community remembers the victims from July 4 through a memorial service.

Opinions: Gun control laws in the United States have to change

Ollie Shuminas, Diversity Editor
August 30, 2022

People who attended the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, fled the scene in a rush after hearing numerous gunshots. Parents grabbed their children and others helped people flee to safety....

My body, my choice is a slogan used for fighting for abortion rights. We can not fully decide on whether or not abortion should be legal but, we can decide the accessibility to abortion.

Opinion: Women should have access to safe abortions

Katrina Viloria, Online Editor-in-Chief
May 25, 2022

One in four pregnant women chooses to end their pregnancy in abortion worldwide. It is a hard decision, but she has to make that choice. However, would it be as hard if women had as many resources as possible?  “Abortions...

Some honorable mentions in the Met Gala include celebrities like Blake Lively and Lizzo who either stuck with the theme or put their own spin on the theme.

The 2022 Met Gala: How to not follow a dress code

Isabela Sanchez, Perspectives Editor
May 9, 2022

The 2022 Met Gala theme was “Gilded Glamor-White Tie,” meaning that all celebrities have to do is dress as if they were a part of the late 19th century. Period pieces have been made dedicated to the...

Dunkin has been using creative advertising strategies to promote their brand.

Dunkin’s recent advertising strategies are effective but questionable

Allison Davids, Headlines Reporter
May 5, 2022

Coffee and donuts are not all Dunkin have to their name. Earlier this year, Dunkin released a small makeup collection with e.l.f cosmetics, and last week another collection with the clothing brand, Carter....

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