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Buckling up will save your life

Ell Macias
Putting on your seat belt takes only a few seconds, and is a lifesaving habit that should become part of your routine

After seeing a car crash happen right in front of me, I immediately adjusted my seatbelt. I had just seen a red car fly by on the highway and run into the concrete wall on the side. The driver ended up outside of his car, lying behind the car. 

You could easily assume that the driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, since he flew out of the car. I hoped the man was okay, but he could’ve been safer if he was wearing his seatbelt. 

Choosing not to wear a seatbelt is a common mistake made around the world but it is especially a problem among young teens. According to Seat Belt & Car Seat Statistics, young people are less likely to use their seatbelts than older people.  

Even with the importance of seat belts being taught, numerous adolescents still choose not to wear them. There are many common excuses as to why; here are a few. 

Some teens choose to not wear a seatbelt because they think they do not need them. They believe that seat belts can increase their risk of injury in a car crash. People also tend to believe that the car and airbags will protect them and that the seatbelt traps them. 

“Many of my friends think seat belts are more annoying than helpful, so they rarely wear them,” sophomore Hibah Yoosufani says.

But the airbag does not protect you properly if you are not wearing a seatbelt. Your seatbelt is there to prevent any ejection and give your body support while the airbag is a cushion of protection. The seatbelt and airbag work together.

Another common excuse is that if you are a careful driver and you drive the speed limit then you do not need a seatbelt. But you can still get in a car crash and be injured even if you are a careful driver.

Many of the people I know have been injured in car crashes from not wearing their seat belts

— Sophomore Hibah Yoosufani

Adolescents also tend to claim that they do not need to wear a seatbelt if they are traveling a short distance. This is understandable, yet the short distance does not stop the possibility of getting in a car crash.

Lastly, an additional excuse used is the act of forgetfulness. People might simply forget to put on their seatbelt. Which is understandable, but it should be a habit to buckle up. 

The roads are increasingly more dangerous when you are a young and new driver who is learning. So wearing a seatbelt is more important than ever. Seat Belt & Car Seat Statistics show that from the most recent data in 2017, 14,955 lives have been saved from seatbelts. However, 2,549 more lives in that same year could have been spared if they wore their seat belts. 

There is no valid excuse for not using seat belts. Buckle up.

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Rayma Miller
Rayma Miller is a sophomore at Metea Valley and this is her first year on staff. She is 15 years old and also a new student at Metea; Rayma just moved here from Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys reading, riding her bike, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.
Ell Macias
This is Ell’s first year of being a part of the Visuals team on the Newspaper staff. They have a passion for capturing candid moments in photography, which is what motivated them to work in their section. Typically, they are painting, sketching, or working on dioramas during their downtime and will never beat the artist stereotype of carrying a sketchbook everywhere they go. Furthermore, they will never turn down the opportunity to talk about goth bands.

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