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Ritika Khurana

Ritika Khurana

Ritika Khurana is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. She loves talking about her dogs and burying her nose into a book. When she’s not reading, you can find her listening to music while making a snack or simply watching TV.

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Lets Chat Episode 3

Let’s Chat Episode 3

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansis, and Ritika discuss seasonal depression, their favorite seasons, and what they like about each season.

Mustangs celebrate Diwali by showcasing their traditional attire

Mustangs celebrate Diwali by showcasing their traditional attire

Diwali is celebrated by a variety of Mustangs, so the Stampede interviewed several students to ask why they dress up for Diwali and what the holiday means to them.
Lets Chat Episode 2

Let’s Chat Episode 2

In this episode, Dhiya, Mansi B., Mansi N., and Ritika discuss Indian holidays, their favorite sweets, and their favorite kids’ TV shows. WARNING: They all get a little too excited at some point.

Ritika Khurana poses for the camera in a cherished Supergirl costume at the age of five.

I am not a kid anymore, but I can still dress up for Halloween

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
October 30, 2023

Some people go with the undead and monsters, while others love to be magical or famous. No matter what you prefer, costumes are arguably the best part of Halloween. We spend so much time thinking about...

Social media is an easy way for clubs to spread the word about their activities or promote their club to others.

Metea Valley clubs and activities use a variety of strategies to promote their content

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
October 24, 2023

Social media is a way for people to communicate and connect with one another, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok. Here at Metea, a large variety of clubs and activities use social media to gain...

Lets Chat Episode 1

Let’s Chat Episode 1

In this episode, Mansi Narayanan, Mansi Bajaj, Ritika Khurana, and Sam Patil discuss the stress that comes with high school, clubs, and other's expectations.

Beginning in 2024, the SAT will be a wholly digital assessment.

The SAT turns fully digital as College Board removes the written test option

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
September 21, 2023

College Board announced their decision to remove the written SAT option and turn fully digital starting January 2024. Students are now required to use laptops and tablets to take the test, even during...

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Ritika Khurana