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Ritika Khurana

Ritika Khurana

Ritika Khurana is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. She loves talking about her dogs and burying her nose into a book. When she’s not reading, you can find her listening to music while making a snack or simply watching TV.

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Seniors ecstatically cheer as activities happen during the assembly.

The Junior and Senior Assembly showcased many talents while recognizing accomplishments

  The Junior and Senior Assembly on Friday, May 17, included a large number of performances, including a song by Muses and Apollo, a tumbling performance from the Jesse White Tumblers, dances...

Lets Chat Episode 9

Let’s Chat Episode 9

In this episode, Dhiya, Mansi B., and Ritika host a farewell party for Mansi N., which includes sweets, a game, and some (fake) tears. GOODBYE MANSI N. WE LOVE YOU!!

Masks for lion-dancing, built to scare away evil spirits, are displayed for people to view and try on.

Students host a Lunch and Learn in honor of AAPI month

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
May 3, 2024

Student clubs and honors societies held a Lunch and Learn to celebrate May, which is Asian American and Pacific Islander, or AAPI, month. Throughout all lunch periods on May 2, student representatives...

The Metea Valley Dance Team posts their tryouts schedule on Instagram while the Marching Mustangs send out emails for registration.

Fall clubs hold their sign-ups in spring for summer activities

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
May 3, 2024

Fall clubs, such as the Dance Team, the Marching Mustangs, the Cheer Team, and more, hold their auditions and sign-ups in late April to early May. The early registrations beg the question of why teams...

Lets Chat Episode 8

Let’s Chat Episode 8

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about both reachable and unattainable goals as well as what people should always keep in mind when making and achieving their goals.

To make the Prom a special and memorable night, seniors go to extraordinary lengths to prepare.

Students work hard so that they can enjoy Prom

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
April 25, 2024

As the date for the 2024 Prom nears, students strive to complete a checklist of things they have to do. Since the prom date is not on a school day, students have an easier time with their same-day preparations. Senior...

Belize travelers pose with the Belize flag before going ziplining.

Metea travelers enjoyed their EF trip to Belize, Central America

Ritika Khurana, Social Media Editor
April 12, 2024

The Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad program allowed students to experience mountains, coral reefs, orange farms, and ancient ruins.. A total of 10 people went on the trip to Belize, Central America, including...

Administration works around the SAT school day falling on Eid al-Fitr

Administration works around the SAT school day falling on Eid al-Fitr

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
April 10, 2024

This year, College Board’s chosen SAT date is April 10, 2024. This day also happens to be Eid al-Fitr, which is a Muslim celebration marking the end of Ramadan. As a festival and holiday, Muslim...

Culture and trends endured sweeping changes since the start of Covid, but they are only a small piece of the shift in society the virus caused.

The pandemic is still impacting people’s lives even four years later

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
April 2, 2024

COVID-19 was a pandemic that swept the entire world. People were stuck at home for months at a time and spent an entire year learning online. This has impacted many people’s perceptions of time that...

Field trips have the potential to interfere with important events such as quizzes, tests, or reviews in class. Its up to the student to communicate as well as balance classwork with their field trips.

Keeping up with schoolwork is important, even during field trips

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
March 14, 2024

Field trips are a part of academics that many students look forward to. Because, let’s be honest, being able to skip class for a fun trip for a special event makes nearly every teen happy. However,...

No matter the year, students in high school feel consistent feelings of stress and tiredness due to their workload and responsibilities.

Yearly Nicknames: The Emotions We Go Through In High School

Ritika Khurana, Social Media Editor
February 26, 2024

From being excited one year, lazy the next, overwhelmed the third, and nostalgic the last, students go through a large range of emotions during their high school careers. While not all of us experience...

Lets Chat Episode 7

Let’s Chat Episode 7

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about some of the sweetest things in life…love and chocolate. Happy Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day from us all!!

Lets Chat Episode 6

Let’s Chat Episode 6

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about life, movies, TV shows, and more in what’s basically just them normally talking in an unplanned episode.


Metea Valley’s Winter Pep Assembly brings students together

Metea Valley’s Winter Pep Assembly, taken place on January 19th, effectively reveals the true spirit behind both students and teachers as they all cheer and shout in excitement. Additionally, teachers...

Three members of the Orchesis pose gracefully pose themselves as preparation for the beginning of their performance.

Winter pep assembly reignites Metea spirit

Ell Macias, Luisa Bernardino, and Ritika Khurana
January 22, 2024

The 2024 Winter Assembly starts the semester off strong with music, games, and dancing.

Lets Chat Episode 5

Let’s Chat Episode 5

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about breaks from school, enjoying the holidays, and changes between childhood and being a teen. Enjoy our last episode before winter break and happy...

Lets Chat Episode 4

Let’s Chat Episode 4

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansis, and Ritika try to talk about their favorite Bollywood movies and songs…before getting sidetracked and chatting about Spotify Wrapped, streaming platforms, and music...

In the world of standardized testing, students must choose between two exams: the SAT and ACT.

ACT and SAT both have different benefits

Ritika Khurana and Lindsey Hall
December 7, 2023

Although the SAT is a graduation requirement for Metea, students have the opportunity to take both the SAT and ACT outside of school. The decision comes down to personal student preference and testing...

Lets Chat Episode 3

Let’s Chat Episode 3

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansis, and Ritika discuss seasonal depression, their favorite seasons, and what they like about each season.

Mustangs celebrate Diwali by showcasing their traditional attire

Mustangs celebrate Diwali by showcasing their traditional attire

Diwali is celebrated by a variety of Mustangs, so the Stampede interviewed several students to ask why they dress up for Diwali and what the holiday means to them.
Lets Chat Episode 2

Let’s Chat Episode 2

In this episode, Dhiya, Mansi B., Mansi N., and Ritika discuss Indian holidays, their favorite sweets, and their favorite kids’ TV shows. WARNING: They all get a little too excited at some point.

Ritika Khurana poses for the camera in a cherished Supergirl costume at the age of five.

I am not a kid anymore, but I can still dress up for Halloween

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
October 30, 2023

Some people go with the undead and monsters, while others love to be magical or famous. No matter what you prefer, costumes are arguably the best part of Halloween. We spend so much time thinking about...

Social media is an easy way for clubs to spread the word about their activities or promote their club to others.

Metea Valley clubs and activities use a variety of strategies to promote their content

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
October 24, 2023

Social media is a way for people to communicate and connect with one another, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok. Here at Metea, a large variety of clubs and activities use social media to gain...

Lets Chat Episode 1

Let’s Chat Episode 1

In this episode, Mansi Narayanan, Mansi Bajaj, Ritika Khurana, and Sam Patil discuss the stress that comes with high school, clubs, and other's expectations.

Beginning in 2024, the SAT will be a wholly digital assessment.

The SAT turns fully digital as College Board removes the written test option

Ritika Khurana, Spotlight Reporter
September 21, 2023

College Board announced their decision to remove the written SAT option and turn fully digital starting January 2024. Students are now required to use laptops and tablets to take the test, even during...

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