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Mansi Payal Narayanan

Mansi Payal Narayanan

Mansi is a senior at Metea Valley and it is her first year on staff as a Copy Editor. She enjoys reading and playing piano. In her free time, you can find her writing up a story in any comfortable space.

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Lets Chat Episode 9

Let’s Chat Episode 9

In this episode, Dhiya, Mansi B., and Ritika host a farewell party for Mansi N., which includes sweets, a game, and some (fake) tears. GOODBYE MANSI N. WE LOVE YOU!!

Graduation day sneaks up on seniors quicker than expected.

Seniors have a lot on their plate before graduation

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor
May 14, 2024

The end of the school year approaches quickly as well as graduation. Seniors grow nostalgic as they think of the upcoming end to their years of high school and begin to envision their future, though...

Lets Chat Episode 8

Let’s Chat Episode 8

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about both reachable and unattainable goals as well as what people should always keep in mind when making and achieving their goals.

Whether to build responsibility or simply to earn some extra cash, students are looking to gain employment during the summer.

As school comes to an end, the search for summer jobs begins

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor
April 14, 2024

Summer vacation is getting closer and many seniors and juniors are looking to spend their upcoming summer with a part-time job. However, some students are lost when it comes to starting the job-hunting...

With prom approaching, students are faced with the anticipation of activities such as dress or outfit shopping.

The upcoming prom sparks both stress and excitement in seniors

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor
April 1, 2024

The prom, which is held on April 26th, is right around the corner, and seniors' preparations are underway. Although, there’s a lot to get done before the event, such as Promposals, dress shopping, after-party...

Teen Advisory Board members listen to the librarian sponsor walk through the agenda, pitching ideas throughout the meeting

Aurora Public Library’s Teenage Advisory Board Grows in Popularity

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor
March 6, 2024

A common problem among high school students is gathering enough volunteering hours. Especially in junior year, students scramble to get their community service hours done for upcoming college applications....

Throughout Metea Valley, Valentines Day celebrates love, both romantic and platonic.

Students across Metea get into the Valentine’s Day spirit

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Copy Editor
February 14, 2024

Valentine’s Day — a day of love, friendship, and admiration ー is widely celebrated throughout the world and is now being recognized within the school. Metea Valley students make an effort to showcase...

Lets Chat Episode 7

Let’s Chat Episode 7

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about some of the sweetest things in life…love and chocolate. Happy Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day from us all!!

Lets Chat Episode 6

Let’s Chat Episode 6

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about life, movies, TV shows, and more in what’s basically just them normally talking in an unplanned episode.

Now that second semester has begun, students are able to begin choosing their courses as well as begin to sort through counselor recommendations.

Honors placement now based on test scores

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Spotlight Reporter
January 19, 2024

District 204 has changed the course recommendation policy to look at test grades when deciding what classes to assign students for the coming year. Rather than a specific teacher recommendation, your classes...

Lets Chat Episode 5

Let’s Chat Episode 5

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansi’s, and Ritika talk about breaks from school, enjoying the holidays, and changes between childhood and being a teen. Enjoy our last episode before winter break and happy...

Lets Chat Episode 4

Let’s Chat Episode 4

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansis, and Ritika try to talk about their favorite Bollywood movies and songs…before getting sidetracked and chatting about Spotify Wrapped, streaming platforms, and music...

Lets Chat Episode 3

Let’s Chat Episode 3

In this episode, Dhiya, the Mansis, and Ritika discuss seasonal depression, their favorite seasons, and what they like about each season.

Lets Chat Episode 2

Let’s Chat Episode 2

In this episode, Dhiya, Mansi B., Mansi N., and Ritika discuss Indian holidays, their favorite sweets, and their favorite kids’ TV shows. WARNING: They all get a little too excited at some point.

Lets Chat Episode 1

Let’s Chat Episode 1

In this episode, Mansi Narayanan, Mansi Bajaj, Ritika Khurana, and Sam Patil discuss the stress that comes with high school, clubs, and other's expectations.

Members of the Muslim Student Association board celebrate their club together.

Muslim Student Association condemns Quran burning committed by WV Student

Metea’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) held a meeting last Friday to open a discussion after a video of a Waubonsie Valley student burning a copy of the Quran resurfaced on social media.  The Waubonsie...

Korean Percussion Club offers students the opportunity to express themselves through music in a particularly niche way.

Metea’s Korean Percussion Club works to foster a culturally accepting community

Mansi Payal Narayanan, Spotlight Reporter
October 12, 2023

Metea Valley High School has its share of fairly recent clubs, one of them being Korean Percussion. With their first meeting coming up soon, the club encourages participation and possible new members to...

New and old members of NEHS play Jeopardy during their first meeting in the forum room.

National English Honors Society launches an exciting kickoff event

The National English Honors Society hosted a kickoff meeting on Sep. 19, which brought in a larger turnout than in previous years. The group’s leaders chose the theme of Percy Jackson for the first meeting,...

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