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Sarah Holzman

Sarah Holzman

Sarah is a junior and this is her second year on staff. In her spare time, she enjoys picking up short-lived hobbies, taking pictures on her friends’ phones, and listening to the saddest music you can find. This year, she is very excited to be the Perspectives Editor and create more out of the box pieces.

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Starting Christmas celebrations too early takes away from the true magic of the holiday season.

Christmas season does not have to start in November

November 30, 2022

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1, Santa Claus comes out of retirement- at least according to franchise stores. Every year, months before December, it seems the entire country decides...

‘Radium Girls’ was an emotion-packed story that jumped off the stage and into our hearts.

‘Radium Girls’ is an excellent example of what a high school production can accomplish

November 7, 2022

*This story contains spoilers for Radium Girls.* Metea’s Theatre department put on yet another amazing show that exhibited a variety of great performances. Radium Girls, which ran from Nov. 3 to Nov....

A character haunts Six Flags during Fright Fest.

Halloween recap: the likes and dislikes of haunted houses

November 2, 2022

As the Halloween season comes to a halt, there is always a discussion about popular seasonal activities, one being haunted houses. As haunted houses tend to attract people seeking a thrilling experience,...

[Video] Top Five Halloween Movies: Episode Five

October 31, 2022

For the fifth and final episode of our five-part series discussing the best Halloween movies, we debriefed and shared our personal favorite movies to watch during this spooky season.

[Video] Top Five Halloween Movies: Episode Four

October 28, 2022

For the fourth episode of our five-part series discussing the best five Halloween movies, we chatted with special education teacher Matthew Wolski about his favorite movie to watch during this...

[Video] Top Five Halloween Movies: Episode Three

October 27, 2022

For the third episode of our five-part series discussing the best five Halloween movies, we chatted with junior Brooklyn Ventrella about her favorite movie to watch during this spooky season.

[Video] Top Five Halloween Movies: Episode Two

October 26, 2022

For the second episode of our five-part series discussing the best five Halloween movies, we chatted with junior Amisha Jain about her favorite movie to watch during this spooky season.

Taylor Swift’s newest pop album Midnights shows her growth as an artist.

Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Midnights’, is her best album yet

October 26, 2022

Taylor Swift released her tenth studio album last Friday and set the world ablaze yet again. Midnights, which Swift dubbed a collection of sleepless nights throughout her life, both shattered and exceeded...

Top Five Halloween Movies: Episode One

October 25, 2022

For the first episode of our five-part series discussing the best five Halloween movies, we chatted with TV Production teacher Nicholas Grijalva about his favorite movie to watch during this spooky season.

Garbage abandoned on the bleachers during a home football game.

How not to act at football games

October 17, 2022

There is a proper way to act at a football game and there is the way that some students have been acting. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in people throwing Gatorade bottles, and pushing...

CPR training is a required unit for freshman P.E. classes, yet last school years freshmen and sophomores have not received their certifications from the American Heart Association.

Sophomores and juniors who went through CPR training last year have yet to receive their certifications

October 11, 2022

Juniors and sophomores who received CPR training in their Physical Education (P.E.) classes last year have reported not receiving their certifications. Students should have received an email from the American...

Purple Hearts is a harmful portrayal of modern-day romance.

Purple Hearts review: Netflix convinces an entire app that a questionable relationship is a love story

September 15, 2022

This story contains spoilers for the Netflix original Purple Hearts. Netflix released its newest problematic and slightly offensive project this summer. Its initial trailer, which debuted on July 12...

On each anniversary New York City displays two beaming lights representing the twin towers to pay respect to those who lost their lives and celebrate the spirit of NYC

A day to remember: 9/11

September 12, 2022

2,996 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001, due to the hijacking of four planes by 19 suicide hijackers from the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda. Groups of men smuggled box cutters, ropes, and...

Although the VMAs are primarily for recognizing musical talent, fashion is always a stand-out factor of the entire show.

Top artists receive awards at this year’s VMAs

September 8, 2022

From amazing performances to awards, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) did not disappoint this year. Popular artists from all genres of music came together to award one another for the talent they have...

Climate change is defined as long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns by the United Nations. Due to human activities and behaviors, such as burning fossil fuels, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased to the point where natural processes cannot fight them off.

A rundown on one of the Earth’s most fixable problems: climate change

May 19, 2022

Scientist Rebellion leaks IPCC Report to “show that scientists are willing to disobey and take personal risk to inform the public.” “There’s no time to wait around, there’s no time for continued...

Stampede Staff Playlist: May Edition

May 13, 2022

Here are the staff’s top songs for the month of May. Whether you are looking for an upbeat and bubbly song to lighten your mood, or something to scream and dance to, this playlist has got you covered...

Participant from different schools gather to take part in the Youth and Government State Assembly.

Youth and Government has record-breaking weekend at the State Assembly

April 26, 2022

Members of Youth and Government spent a weekend in Springfield for the State Assembly, where all six legislative groups were successful in passing the bills that they proposed to become a youth law. The...

Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad presents students with an opportunity to travel to Europe.

Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad announces eight-day trip to Europe

March 24, 2022

Metea Live with integrity, Inspire passion for learning, Foster positive relationships and Expect equity and excellence for all (or L.I.F.E.) is hosting an eight-day trip to Venice, the Alps, and Paris...

Aurora fire department shows up after the fire alarm goes off during third period.

A smoking toaster set off fire alarm during third period

March 22, 2022

A smoking toaster in the Merit House set off the fire alarm today at 9:20, prompting students and staff to evacuate the building for approximately 12 minutes.  Three fire trucks arrived at the scene...

English teacher Ann Cluxton set up prom dresses in a variety of sizes at Graham Elementary School for high school students to choose from.

The Valley Runway gives District 204 high school students an opportunity to find the right prom dress for them

March 8, 2022

Every school year, the teacher and the sponsor for the women’s empowerment club, Elevate, Ann Cluxton holds an annual prom dress drive called the Valley Runway. This year, the event took place at Graham...

Students are seen walking to class during passing period just days after Illinois mask guidelines became optional.

CDC announces new updates for COVID-19 mitigations strategies in Illinois

March 7, 2022

With masks optional now, the policy affects businesses, schools, and other indoor areas. This leaves managers, superintendents, and other authorities to decide if they want to have their staff and customers...

The number of COVID-19 cases has increased, but the overall average positivity rate and new cases per one hundred thousand people has decreased.

COVID-19 cases falling as district changes mitigation strategies

February 14, 2022

The updated COVID-19 dashboard, located on the Indian Prairie School District 204 website, reads that there have been four confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the week leading up to Feb. 7. This number...

‘A Burning Hill’ by Mitski

‘A Burning Hill’ by Mitski

December 7, 2021

Mitski has a relentless ability to write exactly what the listener needs to hear in every song she releases. There is something remarkable about the way she is able to take, what seems like simple lyrics,...

‘Moon Song’ by Phoebe Bridgers

‘Moon Song’ by Phoebe Bridgers

December 7, 2021

I contemplated for a while which Phoebe Bridgers song I wanted to choose as the saddest, but in all honesty they are all sad. However, I was unable to stop thinking about the lyric “when you saw the...

‘Mr. Loverman’ by Ricky Montgomery

‘Mr. Loverman’ by Ricky Montgomery

December 7, 2021

Ricky Montgomery is able to make a gut-wrenching song irresistible, even if it is only going to make you feel worse. The periodic repetition in the background vocals along with the instrumentals is utterly...

Taylor Swift released her ninth studio album Red (Taylors Version). The album reaches the most-streamed album in a day from a female artist.

Taylor Swift releases ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ and revitalizes an entire album

December 1, 2021

Taylor Swift released her fourth studio album “Red” on Oct. 22, 2012, and after nine years, she re-released it. With this new album comes the original 20 songs and ten additional songs released from...

Students are adapting to the new lunchroom changes. The second floor is no longer accessible to students during lunch periods and access.

Administrators announce new rules regarding lunch periods

October 29, 2021

Administrators announced new protocols for students to follow during lunch at the end of the school day on Oct. 15,  and students are no longer allowed to spend their lunch and access periods on the second...

Social media affects young people in their day to day life and can lead to questionable actions such as destroying school property and harassment

Social media can have a strong grasp on people’s decisions

October 12, 2021

People can think that they have full control over their decisions and that social media does not have a real impact on them. However, nothing else could influence a person to steal bathroom doors or assault...

Indigenous Peoples’ deserve recognition for their part in history

October 11, 2021

Indigenous Peoples' Day arose as an alternative to Columbus Day, in which Native Americans protested for honoring a man who had enabled their colonization and forced assimilation. Essentially, the Indigenous...

For the first time, Indian Prarie School District changed Columbus Day to Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day. This change is not only limited to us but across the United States in which we question if we should celebrate Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day debate perpetuates discussion just like its history

October 11, 2021
There is more and more debate on the Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day debate. We explore the history and different perspectives to this prolonged discussion.

The formation of Columbus and Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 11, 2021

The first day the United States dedicated to Christopher Columbus was in 1792 when the political organization Tammany Hall planned a celebration to honor the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ stumbling...

The Shining by The Neighbourhood

The Shining by The Neighbourhood

October 4, 2021

Along with its slightly upbeat tone, “The Shining” can be interpreted in many ways; one being the feeling of heartbreak. The balance of sad verses and declarations of love leaves you wanting to listen...

This is Me Trying by Taylor Swift

This is Me Trying by Taylor Swift

October 4, 2021

I believe that this is one of those songs that everyone can relate to in some way. Whether someone is struggling in school or not feeling good enough, this song feels like an old friend hugging you and...

Coney Island by Taylor Swift and The Nationals

Coney Island by Taylor Swift and The Nationals

October 4, 2021

The album Evermore by Taylor Swift allowed her to take one more step into the Alternative/Indie genre. It was full of imagery that allowed the listener to envision the settings of the songs perfectly....

Freshman representative Kaustubh Kondapalli participates in Chalk the Walk to help showcase the clubs and activities of Metea Valley.

Class representatives have a bright future planned for fellow students

September 30, 2021

The class representatives for the 2021-2022 school year were announced last Friday. Voting began on Sept. 22 and students were able to cast their votes up until 3 p.m. on Sept. 23. The winners were Jonathan...

The bus driver shortage in district 204 has impacted student’s transportation to and from school.

Bus driver shortages cause students to question school transportation

September 17, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, bus drivers were left without work and turned to search for higher paying jobs. As school has started to return to how it was prior to the pandemic, there have been less...

With a wave of uncertainty over which COVID guidelines should still be followed, comes the debate over masks and their necessity in the classroom.

Students adhere to the newly issued school mask mandate

August 24, 2021

At the beginning of August, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced at a press conference that all schools PK-12 must mandate masks regardless of student and teacher vaccination status. This mandate comes with...

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