‘Radium Girls’ is an excellent example of what a high school production can accomplish


Madison Moon

‘Radium Girls’ was an emotion-packed story that jumped off the stage and into our hearts.

Sarah Holzman, Perspectives Editor

*This story contains spoilers for Radium Girls.*

Metea’s Theatre department put on yet another amazing show that exhibited a variety of great performances. Radium Girls, which ran from Nov. 3 to Nov. 6, follows the true story of the female employees of a watch dial company. While working there they contracted radium poisoning from putting the brushes with radium-laced paint in their mouths. Metea’s students crafted a production of this story that led to so much emotion and heartbreak. 

The play begins with a beautiful opening scene that gives the audience a glimpse of what was to come. The entire set for the play felt intentional and added another layer to this already complex story. There was a clock in the back that ticked louder the more intense the emotions of the characters got. Along with that, the images on the back projector acted as an additional background to the scene, which made the entire play feel elevated and real. These features portrayed this non-fictitious story perfectly. 

Part of the reason why this production was able to make the audience gain sympathy and feel for the victims in the play was the acting. Every single actor in the play excelled in their role. Their emotions felt real and their conversations were dynamic. 

Scenes such as the one with Grace, played by senior Grace Bradshaw, Tom, played by senior Joshua Malartsik, and Kathryn, played by senior Sydney Philo, displayed great range. Philo’s breakdown hit me right in the heart and truly made the audience feel how hurt and angry the women were to be in that situation.

Junior Kevin Paul portrayed his character, Arthur, so well that you almost had sympathy for him. Paul bounced off of every actor he encountered, which brought every scene to life. The heated argument between Arthur and Charles, played by senior Bhargav Chandramouli, gave me chills. Charles’ anger towards Arthur radiated off the stage.

Similarly, Bradshaw made all of Grace’s emotions our emotions. Every single thing she did and said took you out of the auditorium and right into the story they were telling. Her delivery of lines such as “no, she died” while she was in the waiting room, were heavy and had the exact impact they were meant to; make the audience realize the gravity of their situation. 

One of the best parts of the production was the transitional scenes. They occurred in many scenes and impressed me every time. The flip between Arthur reading the paper and stating that radium is dangerous, and Grace finding out what radium did to her was powerful and immediately stuck with me. Likewise, the scene and set that transitioned from Arthur talking to Charles to Arthur giving his statement in court was excellent.

Metea Theater’s production of Radium Girls was show-stopping. Every cast member’s portrayal of their character fit perfectly and added something special to the play. It was emotional, inspiring and a display of true talent. I can not wait to see what they will do in the future.