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Stampede Staff Playlist: October Edition

Get ready to embrace the cozy vibes of fall with our October Staff Playlist. The Stampede’s carefully curated collection of songs will transport you to a world of crisp leaves, warm sweaters, and pumpkin-spiced moments.

Red (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift
'Red (Taylor’s Version)' by Taylor Swift

The entirety of Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album “Red” is perfect for the chilly weather. It feels like drinking hot chocolate and reading a dramatic book. This song in particular perfectly captures the entire atmosphere of the record. It is youthful and fun. If you are looking for a tune that you can either sing along or cry to, this is perfect for you.
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Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
'Fade Into You' by Mazzy Star

This is one of the most iconic fall-esque songs. It feels like being wrapped up in a warm blanket during a rainstorm. Mazzy Star has an extremely unique sound and you will not find anything quite like this song. The soft instrumental paired with Hope Sandoval’s distinctive voice is something that can never be recreated. This is perfect for the days that require mellow music and introspection.
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Paris, Texas by Lana Del Rey
'Paris, Texas' by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s newest studio album, “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard” is one of her most impressive and vulnerable projects to date. However, the song “Paris, Texas,” stands out, not only because of the brilliant songwriting, but also because of its instrumentals. Lana Del Rey samples the beloved piano composition “I Wanted to Leave,” by songwriter and pianist SYML, recording original lyrics over it. This creates an even more moving effect, as Del Rey contemplates the idea of leaving and finding her true home. “Paris, Texas” will always be a favorite of mine to listen to during fall, since the changing of seasons inspires me to listen to more reflective music.
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evermore by Taylor Swift
"evermore' by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Bon Iver's first song together, “Exile,” is considered to be the most popular and well-loved. However, the title track of Swift’s ninth studio album, “Evermore,” is the best of their collaborations -- and perfect for fall. Swift begins the song by referencing past pain and trauma which she believes will last “for evermore.” In the climactic bridge, Swift's and Bon Iver's voices contrast each other, and the piano accompaniment speeds up dramatically. Ultimately, the song ends with Swift believing that “this pain wouldn’t be evermore,” creating a moving depiction of healing and growth. The imagery of “frost,” “cabins” and chilly forests make this the perfect song to play on long fall walks or while you are curled up with hot apple cider.
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Disorder by Joy Division
'Disorder' by Joy Division

I enjoy this song because it encapsulates the entire aesthetic of the “goth” music umbrella, but also because Joy Division is such an iconic band in the scene. The low vocals, the almost entirely toned-down sound of the song, and the lyrics all create a piece that is such a good experience to listen to. Although I have yet to decipher the meaning behind the lyrics, I still think the entire song is just neat. It is great to just dance around as it plays when you are alone in your room.
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The End of the World by The Cure
'The End of the World' by The Cure

Although The Cure’s self-titled album is not their most famous, I still love the absolute raw emotion that comes from this song. The sound of Robert Smith’s voice feels so visceral and real, and the lyrics resonate closely with me. To me, this song tells the story of a dysfunctional and strained relationship where neither side is fully sure of what they want. Despite how sad it may sound, the song is still beautiful and has a tendency to move me to tears.
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Bills by ENHYPEN
'Bills' by ENHYPEN

Bills by ENHYPEN is a song about strong emotions following a breakup. What makes me like this song so much is the powerful vocals the members have combined with the instrumentals. The song is about a breakup and how the artist does not want to let the other person go. They learn that from a breakup, there is a price to pay, the price being them losing someone they love.
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Ghosting by  Tomorrow x Together
'Ghosting' by Tomorrow x Together

Ghosting by the K-pop group Tomorrow x Together is the perfect gloomy fall song. This song is famous for giving fall vibes so it is perfect to listen to while riding a bus on a cold rainy morning. The song is about a boy who was cut off and ignored by someone, and how he wishes the person dear to him would respond.
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Dial Drunk by Noah Kahan
'Dial Drunk' by Noah Kahan

This song gives major autumn and coming-of-age movie vibes which to me are also big fall vibes. This may not be the happiest of fall songs but it is all about going through troubles and realizing you need help but do not know who is going to help you. This song is perfect for fans of the movie “Dead Poets Society.”
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Work Song by Hozier
'Work Song' by Hozier

If I could put Hozier’s whole discography I would, but this song stands out to me because it is such a cozy song. It is a song all about love and finding the person who will give you strength to get through anything. It fills me with the same feelings I got when I went to Chicago with my friends in early September. It captures the good feeling of being with people you love.
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Are You Bored Yet? by The Wallows (feat. Clairo)
'Are You Bored Yet?' by The Wallows (feat. Clairo)

“Are You Bored Yet?” is a song from the Wallow’s debut album, “Nothing Happens.” The song features Clairo, adding a contrasting vocal dynamic to the track. The lyrics have a theme of disconnection and uncertainty in a relationship. I love how the music and the melody itself are very calm and peaceful, but the lyrics reflect a restlessness and confusion of sorts.
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You Could Start A Cult by Niall Horan
'You Could Start A Cult' by Niall Horan

You would think it could be the darkest song of Niall’s career, but it is actually one of the most romantic songs he has ever written. It is the perfect song for fall and infatuated lovers. The song itself is new and feels very fresh. It perfectly shows how you would do anything and everything for someone you are head over heels for, and how easy it is to simply ignore all the bad things and red flags.
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Sarah Holzman
Sarah is a senior and this is her third — and unfortunately last — year on staff. Some of her hobbies and interests include listening to the same five songs on repeat, being nervous over everything, and going to Starbucks. She is a fall and rom-com enthusiast and will jump at any opportunity to have hour-long conversations about any insignificant event that has ever happened.   

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    MKOct 17, 2023 at 7:44 am

    Fade into you and Ghosting are two of my fav songs omg