Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad announces eight-day trip to Europe


Kaila Babyar

Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad presents students with an opportunity to travel to Europe.

Sarah Holzman, Headlines Reporter

Metea Live with integrity, Inspire passion for learning, Foster positive relationships and Expect equity and excellence for all (or L.I.F.E.) is hosting an eight-day trip to Venice, the Alps, and Paris during the summer of 2023. Metea Valley began developing the program to provide students with an opportunity to become global citizens in 2017. There was a Zoom meeting allowing parents to find out more about the trip on March 23. 

There is also a separate trip to Australia this summer and one to Spain. English teacher and travel abroad recruiter Rachel Bostick planned the trip to Australia for the summer of 2020 but it got rescheduled for this year due to COVID-19. There were 32 students signed up, but because some were seniors and graduated, only 13 will be traveling to Australia.

“One group is going to Australia. One group is going to Spain,” Bostick said. “Then, next summer is the trip with Italy, France, and Switzerland.” 

The World Language department also hosts trips; however, they center around the languages taught at Metea Valley. Students in these classes have had the opportunity to go to countries such as Germany and France.

“[The trip sponsored by Metea L.I.F.E. Abroad] is focused more on being a global citizen, rather than some of the language trips that occur through our [world] language department,” Bostick said.

While in Europe, students will have opportunities to observe the unique characteristics of the countries they are visiting, such as architecture and historical monuments.

“A lot of it is the tourist attractions. If you are in Europe: going to see churches or having opportunities to have awesome dining experiences,” Bostick said. 

Traveling presents students with an opportunity to experience the culture and environment of different and new places, like Spain and London.

“I wish that I would have started [traveling] when I was a little bit younger and just started to see the world and experience it because the way we live here is not the same as everywhere else,” Bostick said. “Always take those opportunities when you can and travel.”