How not to act at football games


PJ Bender

Garbage abandoned on the bleachers during a home football game.

There is a proper way to act at a football game and there is the way that some students have been acting. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in people throwing Gatorade bottles, and pushing and shoving their peers in the stands of home football games. This type of behavior is not funny, nor should it be seen as normal.

Not only are these actions unnecessary, but they could hurt someone. Imagine going to a game to show school spirit, getting hit in the head, and having your entire night ruined. What is the point of disrupting everyone’s experience other than fleeting gratification that lasts for five seconds? It only upsets the people in the surrounding area. 

When reminiscing on their high school days, adults talk about football games like they are a fundamental part of the high school experience, but when people decide to act this way, it makes the experience so unenjoyable that some do not even want to go. Additionally, this behavior only really happens at football games. It never happens at volleyball or basketball games. Take the same manners and respect that you have at those and apply them to every event.

Instead of throwing drinks at people, try throwing them away. There are garbage cans everywhere. Leaving empty food wrappers and drinks on the bleachers for other students to step on and move is disrespectful. 

The goal of football games, or any school event in general, is to bring the student body together so they can share a few hours of laughter and the knowledge that they have something to connect them: high school. Yet, people acting immature and inconsiderate ruins all of that. All it does is push us apart even more. Having a little more respect could make so many experiences so much more enjoyable.