Seniors are ready for college

Sydney Burleyson, Managing Editor

In our school halls, students hear noise about how excited they are for college and the process of narrowing down their top schools. Today’s seniors are ready for a positive change that college will give them. It is time for seniors to get out in the real world and experience life without their parents and teachers holding their hands.

With COVID-19 numbers going down significantly the normal “college experience” is more attainable for students with large social events and in-person classes making a huge return. While there is no doubt that seniors are quite immature at times, let us be honest and admit that no college students are more mature.

College work is intense and can be a lot of pressure on freshmen but college should be fun like high school was. College freshmen just need to learn time management when it comes to balancing work and normal college activities. High school students constantly battle balancing clubs, school work, and their social life. Organized students have created a healthy balance between each activity.

College is a chance for teens to enter the adult world and learn the harsh realities that they will have to do on their own. These realities can look like doing your own laundry, eating three meals a day and waking up on time for class. All of these tasks and more will be the individual’s responsibility, not their parents.

There is no doubt though that the prospect of college can be scary; it should also bring excitement and motivation to students. Whether one is attending a big university or local community college, everyone should be grateful they get the opportunity to get a higher education. Take advantage of the time away from home to grow as a person, meet new people and mature.