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    Each transfer student at Metea has a unique experience in their transfer procedure


    Transfer students in Metea Valley undergo various unique procedures in order to get acclimated to the school atmosphere.

    Along with selecting classes, transfer students may be required to take placement tests before attending their first day. Junior student Janya Gopi, who transferred from India, took a placement test on English reading, speaking, and writing skills, which then determined which ELL classes she would have to attend.

    Senior Alicia Andrade, a transfer student form Switzerland,  also testifies that the initial procedures are time consuming. 

    “I’ve had several meetings with my counselor.” said Andrade, “She explained to me what I’m supposed to do and everything like that. And teachers have been really helpful just to get adapted socially, because content wise everything’s pretty okay”

    However, some students’ procedure, like Junior Jordan Hightower, was limited to only selecting the courses they wanted to take.

    “I only came into school to do readiness day,” Hightower said ”Then I had to come in and pick my classes. That was it. And then I got a quick little tour. But anything else, I just had to just figure it out pretty much.” said Hightower. 

    Hightower found the transfer process to be straightforward, as she was originally from Illinois before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. Regardless, she does accept that if not for her familiarity with the area, she would have been confused.

    “I didn’t live in Naperville before I left but I’m familiar with it,” Hightower said. “So I think it was a smooth process because I’ve been here, but I think if I hadn’t, I would have probably been a little lost.” 

    Junior Asfandyar Rao, a transfer student from Pakistan, and sophomore Polina Kulachek, a transfer student from Ukraine, attest to the effortless transfer process. Both accredit the friends they have made in Metea. Rao appreciated his friends and the advice they provided to insure success in Junior and Senior year. Kulachek also acknowledged her friends. 

    “I went to volleyball club,” said Kulachek. “So I joined sports and I found friends there and they helped me a lot because it’s their second year here, so they could help me with things around the school.”

    Other students found it difficult to get accustomed to Metea Valley. Junior Zahra Juma, a transfer student from Nebraska, noted the difference in scholastic levels.

    “You could definitely see a level in academics that differs from other places, so that was kind of hard to jump right into,” said Juma.

    Alicia Andrade also mentions the difficulty of forming genuine friendships with an abrupt insert into the school year. 

    Not being able to connect with anyone, actually connect with anyone, was the toughest part,” said Andrade. 

    Despite the hardships that come with the shift, the transfer students feel they have all the resources they need at their disposal. Andrade explains the support she has received despite her plight as a senior transfer student.

    “Everyone has been preparing since freshman year, and then suddenly, I’m here. I have two weeks to prepare to apply for college,” Andrade said. And that’s it. I don’t have extracurriculars. I don’t have SATs. I don’t have anything. But given my time limit, the school has been really helpful and given me all the possible resources for this specific time limit that I have.”


    Click on the social worker to learn more about our transfer student program, or the student to find out what transfer students think of the experience.

    Graphic by: Luisa Bernardino

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