A smoking toaster set off fire alarm during third period


Olivia Gaziano

Aurora fire department shows up after the fire alarm goes off during third period.

Sarah Holzman, Headlines Reporter

A smoking toaster in the Merit House set off the fire alarm today at 9:20, prompting students and staff to evacuate the building for approximately 12 minutes. 

Three fire trucks arrived at the scene due to standard protocol, according to Assistant Principal Daniel DeBruycker. The Aurora Fire Department then allowed students to re-enter the building after ensuring that it was safe, Principal Darrell Echols wrote in an email to parents. 

Administrators determined that all students were out of the building following all 10 areas of the school being checked. Principal Echols announced near the end of third period alerting students that the fire alarms were being tested and may go off again but students did not need to return outside. Echols also announced that the fire drill for April 5 will not occur as students already practiced what to do.

Echols assured that no one was in danger during the incident and thanked the Aurora fire department for their swift response. 

“I am just glad it was not a real fire [and] everyone is safe,” DeBruycker said. “I am glad we are back to operating as normal.”