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Policies work to welcome incoming families to the district

Courtesy of IPSD 204
IPSD 204 works towards welcoming new families to the district.

The Indian Prairie School District 204 hosted a resource fair aimed at immigrant families within the community on April 17. Multiple organizations were there providing essential information, tools, and services to help these families navigate their new environment. This is to ensure that immigrant families feel welcomed, sported, and encouraged

The Newcomers resource fair event was designed to provide immigrant families with information about local resources, including educational opportunities, healthcare services, job placement programs, etc. It is the first year this has been hosted yet about 20 agencies participated with their programs. Bilingual parent and community relation coordinator, Maria Arias Garzon believes that it’s important to give families these proper welcomes into the community.

“Angie Nieto and I are deidctaed to suporitng immigrant fmailies in our ditrisct,” Arias Garzon said. “We are proud to provide Spanish, Russian, Uzbek, and Portuguese interpreters for the attendees ensuring that language is never a barrier to accessing these valuable resources.”

The main objective of organizing this event was to ensure that it was easily accessible to as many families as possible. therefore they have ensured that the event is fully inclusive.

“We always advise new families that languages should not be a barrier. The school district values diversity and shows in the event of the resource fair,” said Arias Garzon.

Regardless of the event being directed to immigrant families, it was open to anyone who was seeking potential support and thought they could benefit from it. Arias Garzon believes it’s stil important to stay in connection to provide any type of guidance. 

“If families can’t attend the Resource Fair event, they can contact us, the Bilingual Parent and Community Relations Coordinators for Immigrant families. Our office is in the main building of the school district: 780 Shoreline Drive, Aurora, IL 60504, and 630-375-3000,” Arias Garzon said.

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