The League of Women Voters encourage voting through Birthday Boxes


Isabela Sanchez

These boxes contain information about voting and how to register.

Isabela Sanchez

Students in government classes at Metea Valley registered to vote on Sept. 28. The League of Women Voters (LWV) is an organization run by women who want to spread awareness about the importance of voting,  were the ones who ran the voting registration. Each state has at least one league, Illinois having the second most with 46 leagues. LWV strives to motivate people to vote and created Birthday Boxes as a way to spread the word about voting to young adults.

If a student signs up for a Birthday Box, the box is given to the student when they turn 18 years old. It contains information about offices that will be on upcoming ballots, and just how to register to vote. As a result, this will have people more involved in local elections.

 “I think what is really important is that the league are members of our community,” government teacher Susan Fuhrer said. “One of their main focuses is to try to get people interested in politics, voting, and really give non-partisan information about candidates to both sides.”

Since each league is run by people of the local community, the information on politics can feel more helpful, not just because of its neutral tone, but due to them being locals so it feels like an insider perspective.

An aspect about the boxes is that students are hearing from a non-biased source about voting information. In this way, they can use the boxes as an educational tool. They can also feel like they are given a chance to decide who they think the most eligible candidate is and this can be a way that students get more involved in politics.