As the American people and the Biden administration opens a new chapter, the call for unity and progress continues.

From insurrection to inauguration, Mustangs share thoughts on state of democracy 

Iman Hamid, News Reporter January 22, 2021

The Confederate flag waving through the Senate chambers. An officer crushed between a door frame and rioters. A fist was thrown in the air. These were all pictures publicized by the press during the insurrection...

Even with the new environment of working remotely and the obstacles they face through that, the staff of the mane constantly produces excellent content.

Mane staff continues to roll despite remote learning

Gray Corkey and Cache Merriweather January 14, 2021

From school cafeterias to home kitchens, the staff of Broadcast Journalism and Production proceeds to put hours of work into each episode as they post once a month. The staff of the Mane has been working...

Speech teams category DEC during one of their virtual practices.

Speech team gives inside look at this year’s season

Michelle Serna December 17, 2020

Students are encouraged by teachers and their peers to join in an after school activity, like a club or a sport. One of those is the Metea Valley Speech Team. Despite the difficulty in communication this...

Winter Sports athletes begin to adjust to online practices while athletics are still on hold.

Athletes find ways to bond after winter sports postponed

Emily Veenstra December 14, 2020

The IHSA announced a pause to all winter sports on Nov. 19. The winter season, which was supposed to begin on Nov. 16, came to a pause as Governor Pritzker implemented new mitigations that went into effect...

Transgender people identify as a gender that does not align with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Elliot Page inspires transgender youth to be their true selves

Gray Corkey, Copy Editor December 10, 2020

*Two of the interviewees in the article chose to remain anonymous. They will be referred to as T. and K.  Queer celebrities are huge inspirations to young genderqueer people. They serve as role models...

Illinois citizens deposit mail in ballots to vote for the 2020 presidential election.

The Stampede teaser: Students get involved in the election and use their voice to share their opinions

Iman Hamid December 9, 2020

Teens see it all the time. Charts of COVID-19 rates bombarding their timeline, raw footage of protestors marching through streets, and candidates demeaning each other on Twitter. Social media is a constant...

Students with 504 plans have had different experiences when obtaining one.

The process of obtaining a 504 plan in high school

Cache Merriweather November 30, 2020

A 504 plan is a document that is used in order to level the playing field for students who are in need of accommodations ranging from a broken arm to a learning disability. It includes how the school will...

Learning about mental health is necessary for students of all ages.

The Stampede teaser: The PE department implements new mental health lessons for online learning

Emily Veenstra, Spotlight Reporter November 12, 2020

Students that once used the safe space of Metea Valley classrooms now lose that by being in their own homes. Almost everyone is struggling in one way or another during online learning. Between constantly...

Teachers continue to struggle with changes fue to remote learning.

Teachers continue to struggle with new challenges of remote learning

Michelle Serna and Cache Merriweather November 10, 2020

A year ago, teachers excitedly greeted their students each time they walked into class. Now, there are no more side conversations, no more noticing when a student is visibly struggling, and no more face...

During online learning, Fresh Connect is still ongoing but its purpose is being questioned.

Fresh Connect program experiences hardships during remote learning

Cache Merriweather November 6, 2020

Fresh Connect is a leadership program in which upperclassmen teach and guide a group of freshmen. The upperclassmen serve as mentors who assist and help the freshmen with the transition between middle...

Senior Elizabeth Huang prepares for her return to school.

Safety measures expected to be taken for school’s new hybrid plan

Emily Veenstra October 15, 2020

IPSD held a virtual meeting discussing the district's plans to return back to school on Oct. 5. This plan involves students coming back to an in-person environment in patterns based on their last name...

Meteas theater program continues to push through the challenges that come with virtual performance.

Theater department perseveres with new methods of auditions and rehearsals for the fall play

Cache Merriweather October 14, 2020

Given the amount of uncertainty this school year has brought, many students’ thoughts and worries are not directed towards the theater department. Although the current circumstances have changed the...

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