Boys’ Soccer teaches soccer to younger children


Photo Courtesy of @BoysMVSoccer

The boys’ varsity team has been making continuous trips to Hermes Elementary School this month. Earlier in the month, the boys went to the school to build a field and goals for the children to play soccer there. This past Saturday, the boys went back to teach the kids some soccer lessons.

“The kids that we’re going to be working with look up to our boys as role models, and for them to kind of see the success that our high school boys are having on the field and interacting with others is important,” coach Joshua Robinson said.

This season was the second year that the boys went to Hermes Elementary School to interact with the kids. Last year, the boys went to the school during PE classes to be with the younger students.

“[The team is] not just being developed as students or as athletes, we’re also taking opportunities to develop as young adults and to build core values for giving back to the community that we live in and that supports us,” senior Ethan Williams said.

The team also gives back to the community through the annual Pepsi Challenge tournament the boys participate in. This season, the boys collected new or gently used jackets to give to those in need.

“[Doing this is] one of the best feelings there is. It’s so different when you get to go out and do something for people and actually get to see their reactions,” Williams added.

The boys are hoping to continue to go back to the school and interact with the kids and to continue to give back to their community in seasons to come. The boys will be playing at home against Waubonsie on Tuesday, at home against Lake Park on Thursday, and at Oswego East on Saturday morning.

“It is a really cool experience. I did it last year, and I really enjoyed it because not only did I feel the joy of helping out the community but to see the smiles on the kids’ faces and get to know them,” junior Tony Sanchez said.