Special Olympics Unified Soccer heads to upcoming State tournament

This upcoming weekend is one of the most exciting weekends for Media’s very own Special Olympics Unified Soccer teams. The teams are going to be taking on the State tournament at Neuqua on Saturday and are ready for the big game.

“Especially since it’s Special Olympics

and we work with these students countlessly. They work [really hard], so they definitely earned [the opportunity to go to State] ,” said senior Abby Widd.

This weekend is big for the Special Olympics teams because it’s the first time that the soccer teams are going to the State game during their season. With endless smiles and joy that comes out of each practice and game is really important to every player.

“To be the first State qualifying soccer team for Special Olympics at Metea is awesome,” said senior Nicole Decastris.

After putting in a lot of work and effort this overall season, the teams are hoping for a successful tournament. The teams have been supporting each other on and off the field this season and putting in a lot of effort during each practice every Monday and Tuesday.

“It’s really self rewarding. When your teammates achieve something that they’ve been trying to [achieve] all season to not even being the one [to achieve] it, but to be there and to experience their excitement with them is probably one of the best feelings,” Decastris added.

Both of the soccer teams have been making great progress overall this season and are hoping to see their hard work and effort pay off at the big game on Saturday. “It’s great to see the progress from the beginning to end and even if we lose, there is still a smile on [everyone’s] face. We still have ways to have fun,” Widd said.